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Casinos Sharing Intelligence To Combat Cheaters

Card counters and other sophisticated tricksters who manage to sway the odds in their favor in casinos have achieved “Robin Hood” status in many Hollywood films. The notion that a gambler can win by using specialized skills is seen by many as a legitimate form of “warfare” against the might casinos who are perceived as greedy by many.

Whether you agree or not the fact is that casinos spend millions on security that is aimed at identifying these threats and spreading the intelligence. While rival casinos are not quick to share any information, when it comes to potential cheaters they have a high level of co-operation which means that information is shared within hours.

An article in Associated Press gives examples of this in the state of Connecticut. Here there are many states within driving distance so there is a real threat of a cheater roaming around a small geographical area in an effort to clean the casinos out.

Photos of suspected cheaters are distributed to all casinos either by law enforcement agencies or the casinos themselves. Mohegan Sun is one of the world’s largest casinos and workers monitor over 4,000 cameras which keep a watchful eye on both players and dealers. As soon as a camera identifies a suspected cheat they are carefully watched before any action is taken. Should the player be found to be using skills like card counting which is technically not breaking the law they will be limited to betting minimum stakes or asked to play another game.

Modern day casinos do not exercise practices like those in the Martin Scorsese Film “Casino” when discovering cheats. These days all professional thieves are the first to take off when they spot men in suits walking towards them. Instead of “persuading” the cheaters in a back room that is is not a good idea to return, the current practice is to employ technology to combat these sophisticated fraudsters and let law enforcement deal with them.

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