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Casino Operators In South Africa Oppose Govt. Issuing New Casino Licence

The legal battle to legalize online gambling in South Africa has been well documented by our team in past reports. The overall gambling debate in South Africa has seen some colorful moments with existing casinos complaining that their market shares are very small and need to be regulated so that the overall gaming pie remains large enough for them to sustain their operations.

The latest controversy is coming from Trade and Industry Minister Dr. Rob Davies who has announced that the government will issue another state casino license in the North Western Province. This is significant as it marks the first time since 1995 that the countries number of legal casinos has increased.

Needless to say reaction was quick from the Casino Association of South Africa (CASA) who through their CEO Themba Ngobese said that they would taking the government to court over this decision. According to Davies the National Gambling Act does enable the government to increase the limits of legal casinos if they deem it is desirable.

This latest development is as a result of new municipal boundaries that have resulted in the North West province having only four casino licenses. As it stand now there are 40 state sanctioned casinos throughout South Africa.

Author: Victor

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