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CashBet Launches In UK While Eyeing Expanding U.S. Market

The opportunity to get a taste of real money gaming is too tempting for social gaming developers to turn down. While this was only a pipe dream a few years ago it is now possible for any free-to-play platform to launch a real money version of their product.

In the last few years we have seen startups like Betable and CashBet offer their services to gaming developers which in a nutshell enable the gaming houses to concentrate solely on developing the best games and leaving all the red tape up to them. Both Betable and CashBet have licences for the UK and are able to offer their platform to gaming houses. We reported on Gamzio’s intention to launch a real money app in the UK apple store which was has now being officially launched on Wednesday. The first game that will be offered live on CashBet’s platform will be Casino Island Adventure from Gamzio.

While CashBet has now launched real money gaming in the UK they have also announced their intentions to expand to the U.S. CashBet are now eligible for a transactional waiver in New Jersey which means it needs a land based partner in one of the Atlantic City casinos to partner up with. They are already in talk with various partners in an effort to launch their mobile gaming platform in the Garden State.

CEO and founder of CashBet, Dr. Mike Reaves commented on their vision for social gaming ,” Every publisher and developer we speak with is interested in entering the online gaming market, but is concerned about the barriers to entry, such as compliance and security. We’re continuing to build the most trusted platform for mobile gambling, and we have a highly experienced team that deeply understands what ‘Real Money Play’ is all about. Given our experience and platform offering, we make it easy for developers to focus on making great games while accessing one of the largest growing markets worldwide”.

CashBet also announced another partnership with UK based Reflex Gaming Limited in which they intend to launch the company’s fruit machines for real online play on mobile devices, CEO of Reflex Gaming Limited, Quentin Stott explained the partnership,” With CashBet’s proprietary platform and our unique gaming content, players will receive an unmatched mobile gambling experience. Keeping our players engaged is one of the key factors for ensuring our success in gaming”.

The combination of global gambling markets opening up and the rapid growth of social gaming is what is driving companies like CashBet and Betable’s growth and success. Given the chance of playing in the real money gambling world rather than just the social gaming market, few would turn down this cash cow.

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