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Camelot Warns Direct Debit Players Of Losing Lottery Jackpots

We reported on the controversial price hike for the National Lottery which will see ticket prices doubling from £1 to £2 from October 5. While many have criticized this price hike especially in tough economic times, Camelot have defended their decision by saying that it will provide more prizes overall to players.

Another major potential problem for National Lottery players could be those who purchase their tickets via direct debit payments that are linked to specific numbers. These are set to become void on October 5 which could see some serious problems for these who do not update the debit payments in accordance with the new price increase.

There is the real possibility that players might pick the winning numbers but their tickets will not have participated in the lotto draw as they will be canceled. In an effort to avoid this nightmare scenario Camelot are going all out do inform Lotto players of the new changes. These include email and letters to all the Lotto direct debit players explaining to them the new changes.

According to a National Lottery spokesperson only 1% of direct debit customers have decided not to sign up for the new game. An optimistic outcome was echoed by the spokesperson,” We are, however, confident that the vast majority of our existing players will love the changes we are making and the new prizes they will be able to win.”

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