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Calls To Limit Daytime UK Gambling Ads on TV

Anyone watching UK TV or following any major football teams will notice the proliferation of gambling companies who are team sponsors. The increase of major gaming companies involved in mainstream sports has on the one hand generated hundreds of millions  to broadcasters but has got the attention of government officials.
Much like the controversial issue of FOBTs the government is coming under pressure to address the normalization of gambling companies who are advertising on daytime TV where many children are potentially being influenced.

With increasing numbers of commercials in daytime TV and on popular sporting fixtures, experts are concerned that any advertisements that are permitted before 9pm could have a detrimental effect on the young generation who are vulnerable to gambling addiction problems.

A senior Minister told the Times that “the gambling industry’s luck has run out”. The revenues from gambling advertising has increased 15 fold between 2005 and 2012 according to Ofcom which will make any efforts to curb daytime advertising very difficult. Betting companies have become completely legitimate in that no one blinks an eyelid when they see top gaming brands on football teams and other sports stars.

Despite bringing in over half a billion pounds last year, gambling minister Tracy Crouch said last month that she will protect the “ young and vulnerable” from gambling related risks. The numbers of those with gambling problems has doubled in the last three years to reach 0.7 percent of the population and more worryingly has trebled in the age group of 18-25 to 1.5 percent due to mobile and online gaming options.

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