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California Indian Tribes Agree On Internet Poker Legislation

One of the largest economies in the United States is that of the state of California which is seen as a prime hunting ground for online gaming operators. Last year we reported on State Sen. Lou Correa’s introduction of a bill which would legalize online poker in California in Native American owned casinos.

Like with so many other issue in the gaming industry, insider politics and disputes are doing the work for anti-online gambling proponents. After many year of arguments there seems to be progress been made as 13 California Indian tribes said on Tuesday that they had reached a compromise on legislation that would make online poker legal in California.

According to a report in the LA Times the tribes have agreed on a bill that would permit online gambling to be operated exclusively by the current owners of land casinos. Of course outside parties like that of PokerStars could be shut out of the game in terms of the current legislation.

In a letter to lawmakers the 13 tribes stated,” In achieving consensus for Internet poker, we reaffirm our commitment to the longstanding principle of limited gaming that has guided California’s public policy toward gaming. As importantly, we recommit ourselves to realizing legislation that protects children and the vulnerable, creates jobs for Californians, provides additional revenues for state services, and safeguards consumers and the vulnerable from dishonest and unsuitable operators.”

The momentum of online gambling has definitely been slowed down in the last few months. One can argue that one the main reasons for this are due to well-funded anti online gambling campaigns like that being run by Sheldon Adelson. However it could be argued that unless there is some sort of unified front from the online gambling lobby the likes of Sheldon Adelson might just have to sit and watch the industry implode on its own.

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