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Bwin Data Offers Rare Glimpse Into Casino Industry Secrets

The spending patterns of gamblers is a fascinating study in human behavior. Casinos spend millions on researching how the average gambler thinks and spends their cash. There are many conspiracy theories regarding the actual amount of money the casinos payout in favor of winners and how much they actually earn.

We will never know these figures as they are the most closely guarded pieces of information the casino industry holds. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal  does however shed some light into the intriguing world of gambler’s spending habits. This rare data is based on information provided by Bwin who made it available to gambling-addiction researchers affiliated with Harvard Medical School. The research is bases on anonymous records of 4,222 online gamblers who wagered between 2005 and 2007 on Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment PLC.

Surprisingly the chances of walking away a winner were not too bad with a 30% chance on any given day, The age old belief of walking away after a win seems to be a good idea as only 11% of gamblers who continued to play won afterwards. When it comes to heavy gamblers this is even more true with 95% losing money in the end.

Another rarely seen glimpse into the casino industry is also on offer in the report which shows just where the casinos make most of their money from. One of the main findings is that casinos rely heavily on a very small group of gamblers to get most of their revenue.

Of the 4,222 casinos customers researched a tiny amount of just 119 heavy gamblers  or 2.8% of the total customers provided half of the casino’s revenue intake and 10.7% provided 80% of the take. This type of data gives anti-gambling proponents ammunition as they often point out the fact that casinos are quick to exploit the heavy gamblers and thereby increase addiction problems.

While the results are from European online casinos, experts believe that the patterns are similar to those of the United States where marketing specialists like Andrew Klebanow state that U.S. casinos get about 90% of revenues from just 10% of gamblers.

The Bwin statistics show that those indulging in a light flutter had the highest chance to win in a period over two years with about 17%. In contrast heavy gamblers only had a 5.4% chance of walking away in the black in the same period of time.

The argument of Poker being a game of skill also came into focus as those defined as “most involved” walked away winner’s a third of the time. The average poker player however over time had only a 10% chance of winning.These rarely seen glimpses into a gambling operator’s figures could potentially have explosive affects as Bwin like all gambling companies promote their products as a sure way to win.

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