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Boise Idaho Looking To Legalize Gambling To Boost Economy

Like so many other places in the world, gambling in the U.S. is seen as the ideal tool to kick start a local economy. The debate of whether legalized gambling does in fact help or hinder an economy really depends on who you ask.

The city of Boise in the State of Idaho is a good example of this. They have just according to reports started mulling with the idea of legalizing gambling. The city commissioners are attempting to get gambling legalized in certain parts of the county in an aim to inject profits and investment in the once profitable county. Many small business like restaurants and bars are looking to offer their customers the option of slot machines and card tables along with their regular offerings.

Presently the committee have said they have only started the discussion phase and they have nothing to comment on. The concerns over legalizing gambling are the same we hear everywhere. Opponents believe this could lead to gambling addiction and actually harm the economy.

The committee is expected to make a decision within a week to decide if the issue will go the ballot in the November elections. Of course even if voters opt for legalizing gambling, the legislature will have to pass it with a two-thirds majority and after that the residents of Idaho will also need to vote on the matter before it becomes a reality.

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