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Big Fish Games Partners With BlueStacks

Social gaming giant Big Fish is the largest social gaming producer with over 2 billion games distributed on multiple platforms including mobile since their founding in 2002. Their Big Fish Casino app alone is the largest social casino app with revenues of over $35 million for the third quarter of 2013. They are trendsetter both in social gaming and the ever growing crossover of real money games in which they have partnered up with the like of Betable to platforms like Facebook.

Today they have announced their partnership with BlueStacks who specialize in bringing Android games to Windows and Mac computers, Utilizing the BlueStack technology Big Fish will now be able to deliver all of their popular mobile apps to the existing desktop pc’s that run on Windows and iOS.Like many other gaming developers Big Fish games have dedicated most of their resources to mobile games with Big Fish generating more than half of their revenue.

This partnership is good news not only for desktop users but also Android developers who now have the chance to monetize their mobile apps without having to go through a complex process.

Big Fish CEO Paul Thelen said,” This throws open the doors of Big Fish’s PC and Mac app store to mobile developers all over the world. It means extra distribution and monetization with no development work.”

BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma explained how the merging of Android and other operating platforms have been inevitable,” The Android and PC galaxies have been hurtling towards each other for at least a year now. Before today, it just wasn’t worth it for Android developers to take the risk porting to PC. Now they’ve got not only a huge distribution opportunity, but Big Fish users are also extremely high-monetizing. The ‘no work’ aspect is just whipped cream on the latte.”

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