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Betting Related Terms Most Expensive In UK Google AdWords

Anyone doubting the market size of the gambling market needs to read data released by Search Engine Watch. We all know the power of a Google search and the billions spent on bidding for key words in Google results show which global sectors have the most cash to spend to ensure their keywords appear first on the world’s most popular search engine. Google generates over $67 billion annually and Google Adwords is playing an important part in this.

The article in Search Engine Watch takes a look at the most popular words in Google Adwords in the UK and more interesting the astronomical sums of money that are been paid for these keywords.

The article goes on to explore the most expensive words in the UK and analyzes a database of 2000 keywords from a database of 12m in the UK. The most revealing part of the report is that betting related terms account for no less than 77 of the 100 most expensive keywords and 22 out of the top 25.

The most expensive keyword was “play live blackjack” and cost £148.5. The cheapest word in the top 500 was £54.92. Apparently the marketing gurus have figured out that many gamblers are not too good at spelling and three of the top 25 keywords target those who cannot spell “roulette”.

Besides gambling there are four additional sectors making up the top 100. These companies are also forced to pay expensive fees to get their ads at the top of the list. These include Technology, Finance, Legal and B2B.

This data is especially eye opening as the mind boggles as to what could happen if the US market would allow legal gambling on a nationwide basis. No doubt Google executives are waiting for this day judging by the UK results.

Author: Victor

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