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Betfred Under Spotlight After Refusing to Payout £29,000 Jackpot

The integrity of online gambling websites is always a hot topic. We reported recently on the Competition and Markets Authority investigating complaints from the UK Gambling Commission on unfair practices from online gambling operator to players. These include misleading promotions and even allegations of restricting players that win big using math and logic.

The latest case involving a disgruntled player is that of 24 year-old Jamie Gardiner from Liverpool who thought he had won a life changing £29,000 jackpot on the “Land of Gold” slot game on Betfred. Gardiner was playing the game and got three clovers followed by a popup message saying he had won £29,466.59.

Needless to say Jamie already made plans to spend the money which included a mortgage and a nice holiday. Things started going wrong however when he noticed his balance was not updated. After speaking to the Betfred support team Jamie was notified that it was not a win but rather what he could have won. To add insult to injury they even claimed to have no record of the game even after Jamie sent them screenshots. Gardiner spends over £100 a week and believes it is like a kick in his face that Betfred will not honor what he believes was a win. He went so far as to say that “people would kill themselves over this.”

Betfred are adamant that the customer would have needed to hit 3 four leafed clovers to land the jackpot and what popped up was what a customer could win and not a conformation of a win.

Mistake or not, Betfred have withdrawn the game and will launch a review internally with the third party supplier of the game. Whatever the outcome will be, this is not the publicity the online gambling industry needs in the UK especially.

Author: Victor

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