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Australians Are Still Biggest Gamblers In The World

We have reported in the past on the surprising fact that Australians are the biggest gamblers in the world.  This largely unknown fact has been reconfirmed with a report from consultancy firm H2 Gambling Capital. According to H2G betting losses per resident in Australia amounted to $990 last year.

This is 40% higher that second place Singapore and about double the average of other Western Countries. The source of most of the revenues in Australia come from the electronic poker machines or pokies as they are commonly known there. The ability to for punters to lose as much as $1150 per hour is a source of controversy. Much like the FOBTs in the UK many anti-gambling proponents believe that the bet amounts should be significantly lowered so as to avoid potential gambling addiction problems.

What makes the fact that Australians bet the most per resident even more interesting in the fact that there are only around 23 million people which means that the market is pretty mature and not much room for growth. The US on the other hand is still the prime prize for gambling operators as bettors’ total losses reached $117 billion last year. While this may seem a lot the potential is way more as online betting is still only legal in 3 states and there is an estimated $150 billion spent on illegal sports betting alone.

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