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Australian lottery Groups Furious At Plans to Create Sports Lottery For Olympic Revival

Lotteries are known to be some of the most efficient methods to finance many social projects such as education, housing, sports development and others. Sporting events like the Olympics cost billions for any government to fund and with limited resources the option of creating a sports lottery to pay for an Olympic games is causing controversy down under.

There are calls for a sports lottery to be formed to pay for an Australian Olympic revival. This idea is being pushed by the Australian Olympic Committee and Australian Sports Commission. The national lottery fund could be worth as much as $50 million a year and has even garnered the support of Sports Minister Greg Hunt who stated that lottery would be a sensible idea if handled in a regulated and legislated manner.

Needless to say the idea of a sports lottery which would compete with the regular lottery has the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association in an uproar and this would undoubtedly take away revenues they depend on which currently go to schools, hospital and charities.

CEO Adam Joy voiced his concerns and said,”It seems like they’re running full steam ahead … without doing enough consultation. It just doesn’t make sense to take it away to fund sports.” According to Joy $1.6 billion is currently delivered to state and territory governments through lottery taxes. He stated that he believes the government should look to online gambling operators who benefit hugely instead of the public lottery being used to find projects like the Olympics. He suggested a point of consumption tax to be imposed on online gambling firms.

The idea of introducing a sports lottery is not new with Great Britain having introduced a national sports lottery which saw them record the best ever Olympic results in the last three Olympic games.

According to reports Hunt has already met some leading gambling and broadcasting companies to discuss the lottery operation.

Australian Sports Commission ASC Chairman John Wylie believes Australian has reached the “moment of truth and believes If we are going to remain competitive internationally, if we are going to have a healthy and active society, we need to invest significantly more in the system.”

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