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Australia Set To Impose New Online Gambling Regulations

Like many countries round the globe, online gambling in Australia is not clearly addressed in legislation and has resulted in what is dubbed as a gray market. International online gaming operators have been dancing around laws which are outdated and do not address the modern day realities. As it stands online gambling regulation in Australia is governed by the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001.

There has been increasing pressure on Prime Minister Tony Abbot to come good on his election pledges to crack down on internet gambling. In line with this there are reports that Social Services Minister Scott Morrison will now head a governmental review on the outdated Interactive Gaming Act with the aim of enforcing tighter regulations on internet gambling.

Some of the main aspects expected to be addressed are international offshore online gaming operators as well as tighter controls on gambling ads on television. There are even talks about banning all gambling ads during sport events which could be a major blow to networks which rely heavily on these revenues.

In an interview with The Australian, Morrison was quick to calm fears and said,” People are reacting to something that hasn’t even been announced. The government has no preconceived ideas in this area. We undertook to look at it, and we will engage in good faith.”

Needless to say many supporters of banning online gambling welcomed the review and well known anti online gambling proponent Nick Xenophon said,” This review gives us an opportunity to take stock of the explosion of online gambling, including illegal overseas gambling, and the pernicious impact that online betting has had on sporting culture.”

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