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Atari Enters Real Money Gambling Market With Pariplay Partnership

Last month we got a blast from the past as 80’s icon Atari returned to the headlines. They announced they were entering into an agreement with social casino developer FlowPlay in which they would imbed Atari’s classic themes into slots, poker and blackjack games.

Today Atari has made thing even more interesting as they announced a partnership with Pariplay to enter the real money gambling arena. Anyone following the social casino market would not be surprised by the almost automatic transformation to real money gaming. In terms of the partnership Pariplay will launch Atari’s classic brands on multiple platforms including online, social and mobile. Players will have access to a real money website that includes Atari’s classics like Pong, Centipede and Asteroids.

The launch of the website is scheduled for the fourth quarter, Pariplay will also offer Atari’s games for their network operators to run. Pariplay is well known for providing gaming platforms for gaming platform and recently partnered up with U.S. based Majesco Entertainment.

As we reported last month Atari has just emerged from bankruptcy proceedings and their new chief executive Fred Chesnais is doing his best to return Atari to its glory days as a serious player in both the social and real money gaming markets.

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