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Atari Attempts To Revive Brand By Entering Social Casino Market With FlowPlay

The social casino market is getting crowded as there are almost daily new startups who are looking to join this fast growing sector. Last year social casino games were reportedly worth over $2 billion worldwide and is in a growth phase.

One of the most popular and mot recognized brands off the 80’s was Atari. We all remember the classic consoles with games like Asteroids which were at the time cutting-edge technology. Atari disappeared for a long time and have just emerged from bankruptcy proceedings. The new chief executive Fred Chesnais is currently the largest shareholder and bought the company back last year.

Chesnais is trying to revive a classic brand by partnering up with social casino platform developer FlowPlay.  The idea is to use Atari’s classic nostalgic game themes and to combine them onto slot machines, poker and blackjack.

Unlike other social gaming companies Chesnais makes no bones about his intention to move Atari into gambling even if for the moment it is only free-to-play. He was quoted as saying,” I love the brand. Atari has been mainly involved in gaming. My plan is to take it to gambling, even if it is with casual gambling (or social gaming, where you can’t cash out your winnings) at the start in the U.S. It is a very natural move.”

Chesnais also explained this partnership with FlowPlay and said,” hey have a proven stack and back end. We believe the combination of the technology and brand, and the expertise in gaming on both sides, will make this a success.”

Atari casino is set to debut this fall and will include plenty of nostalgic brands we all know and love such as Centipede, Missile Command and Asteroids. All these iconic games will be morphed into original slots, blackjack and poker games.

Chesnais did not rule out real money gambling and said that current constraints mean that this option will have to be put off for the moment. We look forward to see if Atari can rise from the ashes and become the force it once was in the gaming world.

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