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ASA Reprimands Online Gaming Operators For Fairytale-Like Adverts

The UK regulatory bodes like the UKGC and Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have been cracking down on operators in the last few years. We reported on massive fines been issued to operators like 888, Ladbrokes, Lottoland and others.

There has been unrelenting political pressure in the UK to tighten up the gaming industry and this has been focused largely on misleading advertising and a crackdown on the infamous fixed odds betting terminals who after years of political wrangling will implement maximum wager cuts.

The latest cases of the ASA intervening revolve around who are operated by progress Play and who are operated by TGP Europe.

The campaign group Fairer Gaming brought the issue to the attention of the ASA in January over concerns of advertisements in which they believe attract underage gamblers. Regarding the adverts involved popular characters like Hansel and Gretel and Red Riding Hood. According to Fairer Gambling the animations involved would likely attract underage players.

In response to the complaints removed the games for consumers that were not members of the site in order to ensure that the games are not available in demo mode. did however insist that their content did not appeal to an underage audience as claimed.

The ASA in a statement were adamant that the ads must not appear again and that in particular none of M88’s ads should appeal to under 18’s. also removed the ads in question as well as placing demo games behind a registration requirement which would block children gaining access to the titles. Here again stated that it was “highly subjective” to claim that the ads appealed to underage players.

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