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Anti Online Gambling Senator Lindsey Graham Never Sent E-Mail

The Restoration of the American Wire Act sponsored by amongst others like Sen. Lindsey Graham is seen by many as just another move by gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson to buy political support for his agenda. As we have discussed in previous reports Adelson has poured millions into an extremely well-funded campaign aimed at getting online gambling in the U.S. banned.

One of his main claims is that the technology available is not sufficient to combat the dangers of underage gambling. Keeping that in mind one would assume that those like Sen. Lindsey Graham who voice similar concerns would be technically savvy and aware of the basic modern online possibilities.

Well think again as the South Carolina republican Lindsey Graham gave NBC’s Meet the Press a quote which will come back to haunt Lindsey for a long time. When questioned what he thought the growing controversy over Hilary Clinton’s home based email server at the time she acted as Secretary of State, he said,” I don’t email, No, you can have every email I’ve ever sent. I’ve never sent one.” After seeing the host Chuck Todd’s amusement at the answer Lindsey realized the absurdity of such a statement and added,” I don’t know what that makes me.”

While this revelation provided many laughs from just about anyone not living in the Stone Age there is a much more serious side to this. There are billions of dollars being invested in ensuring that online gambling remains safe and regulated. The least you could expect from any party looking to question the gaming world’s commitment to this is to know how to send an email. One can only hope that other decision makers are “slightly” more in tune with technology trends in the 21st Century before they make decisions that affect all of us.

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