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Anti Online Gambling Proponents Targeting Dubious Advertising

The opposition to online gambling in the U.S. has had many supporters but none as rich and powerful as casino mogul Sheldon Adelson himself. His funding of the Coalition to Stop Internet gambling has not had any success in their attempts to reverse a 2011 ruling that effectively legalized online gambling in three US states.

Despite this a recent attempt to link online gambling ads appearing on children’s websites deliberately has received a lot of attention. Opponents to online gambling are trying to submit proof to the Congress and Justice department that casino advertising is appearing on websites that are diametrically opposed to gambling like addiction help sites and even children’s sites.

Their claim is that online gambling companies are actively targeting these sited is however rejected by many who work in the media business.  The use of retargeting ads is a common one in the industry and can be based on the user’s previous searches and not necessarily intentionally placed on a website. In fact it is almost impossible to block these type of ads and you could make the argument that millions of ads can be randomly placed on websites through no fault of the company itself.

Critics to these ads compare them to promotions that were used in the past to promote cigarettes through folk hero types like the Marlboro Man. It remains to be seen if thus new anti-online gambling tirade will have any effect on legislation but the reality on the ground shows no indication of online gambling in the U.S. being rolled back to pre-2011 era.

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