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Another Bill Introduced To Ban Online Gambling In U.S.

With the U.S. election campaign in its critical stages no opportunity is being missed by interested parties to bring up controversial issues. It comes as no surprise that another attempt has been made by Republican Senator Tom Cotton  to prohibit financial institutions from processing Internet gambling transactions.

The quietly filed S.3376 bill was introduced by Sen. Tom Cotton and co-sponsored by Sens. Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee. This latest bill is basically a revamped version of the Adelson backed Restoration of America’s Wire Bill Act bill that was introduced by Sen. Graham in 2015.

The timing of the bill is very suspect as it comes just a day after it was revealed that billionaire Sheldon Adelson donated $20 million to a super PAC closely related to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConell. The fact that this latest bill was introduced by three republican senators’ smells of political interference which is nothing new to Adelson.

The wording of the bill is very short and seeks “to ensure the integrity of laws enacted to prevent the use of financial instruments for funding or operating online casinos are not undermined by legal opinions not carrying the force of law issued by the federal government lawyers.” It remains to be seen if this will be buried away after the elections.

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