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American Gaming Association Sends Wish List To President Elect Trump

Donald trump’s victory in the U.S. elections will go down as one of the most surprising and memorable results in recent history. The unpredictable real estate mogul has got everyone guessing as to his next outburst as the world has seen there is nothing the Donald will not say.

The casino industry is waiting see what Trump who has plenty of experience in the industry himself will do for the expansion or halting of online gambling growth in the US. A report in Associated Press discussed this issue with the American Gaming Association who sent President elect Trump a letter with certain requests.

These included fewer regulations, approval of sports betting, crackdown on illegal gambling, tax reform and an immigration policy that will not be detrimental overseas workers in U.S. casinos.

AGA’s Vice President Whitaker Askew pointed out that the Congress and Administration will make industry changing decisions in the coming years.

On the topic of online gambling, most believe Trump will not give in to pressure by Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson to ban it outright but will not push for expansion beyond the three states where it is currently legal. In the past Trump has remained on the fence on the issue of legalizing online gambling and said,” I have a lot of friends on both sides of the issue.”

The topic of sports betting is much less controversial. We reported recently that most Amercians believe that it should be legalized merely for the fact that people are engaging in it anyways. There are also strong voices from the likes of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver who has made a turnaround on his stance which is that there is no way to stop it so you might as well regulate it.

Trump on a Fox Sports 1 Interview in 2015 echoed these sentiments and said he would not oppose legalizing sports betting and daily fantasy sports. Trump said, “ I’m ok with it because it’s happening anyway.”

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