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Allegations Of Drug Use, Gambling and Game Fixing For New York Knicks

The growing problem of match fixing in sports has got many asking just how big the problem really is? Whether it is football or even tennis as we reported, it seems that the temptation of millions of dollars is too great for even highly paid sports stars to ignore.

A new book by Brian Tuohy’s called Larceny Games: Sports Gambling, Game Fixing and the FBI is another story that seems to belong more to Hollywood than to that of sport. It involves drugs, large amounts of cash, drug dealers and drug addicts. It centers on claims that members of the New York Knicks team 0f 1981-1982 were involved in fixing games for a drug dealer who supplied three of the team members with cocaine.

While these claims are sensational to say the least the sources according to Tuohy are no less than the the FBI. The theory is that the drug dealer was a degenerate gambler who used to bet $300 on a NBA game. In order to assist himself he took advantage of some of the Knicks players who were purchasing drugs from him at the time. He then based on insider information and alleged match fixing by the players went on to increase his bets to $10,000 which often resulted in him winning big. In fact the drug dealer had won six out of the seven large bets he placed against the Knicks by March 1982.

At the same time FBI officials also noticed that three Knicks players were even betting against themselves with one of them owing a large debt to an organized crime family. The names of the players were redacted from the report but there as speculation that guard Michael Ray Richardson was involved. He was banned from the NBA in 1986 for violating the league’s drug policy numerous times. Richardson denies any involvement in the match fixing allegations and was quoted as saying,” hell no…we never did anything like that.’

While many claim that it is difficult to fix games due to the players being highly paid , Tuohy believes that ,” you can see how easily they can get hooked on some drug, be gambling themselves and get in deep with a bookie.”

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