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Ainsworth Game Technology To Enter Social Casino Market

The social gaming sector is just too lucrative for gaming companies to ignore. Gaming companies like IGT with their $500 million acquisition of Doube Down were seen as a major gamble a few years ago, the consensus now is that the deal was worth the exorbitant price tag.

The pace at which the free-to-play casino game market is growing makes it hard to track as everyone wants to climb on the bandwagon. The latest big gaming company to do this is casino technology provider Ainsworth Game Technology (AGT) which have announced their planned entry into the social casino arena.

Chief Executive Danny Gladstone of AGT said the company planned a 2015 launch of it Players Paradise Casino. Gladstone acknowledged AGT’s late entry into this market but stated their company can no longer afford to be outsiders looking in to a sector which continues to show rapid growth. He went on to say that their late entry will have advantages,” Whilst our timing to enter this market is behind our major competitors, it has provided the company with the ability to develop a quality mobile offering complete with improved mobile technologies which now account for over 50 per cent of revenues in this online segment, It is the company’s intention to launch a second social casino during 2015 which will provide unique mobile and tablet game offerings.”

The link between social casino products and traditional casino audiences has proven a winning formula as it exposes millions of social network users to casino brands and games. AGT founder Len Ainsworth supported his chief executive Danny Gladstone and said,” Over the past 12 months our digital strategy has been established to service the key market segments of real money wagering and social casino gaming and participate in these revenue opportunities.”

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