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AGA Report Smashes Stereotype Of Casino Patrons

The casino industry often suffers from a bad reputation as is blamed for everything from causing moral decay to exploiting the most vulnerable. A poll just conducted by the American Gaming Association paints a very different picture of how we normally perceive the gaming industry.

The poll conducted by Glen Bolger and Mark Mellman shows that despite the stereotypes of casino patrons most are homeowners with one in two casino patrons visiting casinos. Target audiences are younger than previously thought with ages starting from 21 and reaching 59. The middle class makes up about 70% and nearly half of casino visitors are college graduates. Even when it comes to religious believers, over two thirds of casino visitors attend church.

Another important finding was that most viewed casino as legitimate businesses just like any other. Across the political spectrum there seems to be understanding that casino gaming creates jobs in the community as well as strengthening local business.

The timing of the report is convenient for the AGA as they have just released the nationwide gross gaming revenues for 2013 which increased by 1 percent in 2013 to reach $37.78 billion. Times are challenging for all casino operators as every gambling dollar has to be fought for.

President and CEO for the American Gaming Association, Geoff Freeman said,” Voters recognize that casinos are a mainstream form of entertainment and an economic driver that supports jobs and boosts growth in communities across the nation. Casino visitors are a portrait of the American electorate, and voters are giving policymakers permission to treat casinos like any other business. The AGA will aggressively pave the way for policies that reflect voters’ favorable view of gaming, protects jobs and promotes innovation.”

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