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New Jersey Online Gaming Revenues Continue Upward Trend

Online gambling revenues in the state of New Jersey continue to rise and the 30 days ending the month of June saw online gaming revenues generate $20.23 million which is a 23% increase year-on-year. Overall state casino takings saw an increase of almost 2% due mainly to online revenues. This marks the fourth consecutive month that New Jersey generated over $20 million in revenues. Once again Golden Nugget took first place with nearly a 60% increase year-on year to $5.5m. The Borgata came in second place at $3.9m. Caesars took 3rd spot with $3.6m in total revenue. They have seen a 30 percent increase year-on-year. Tropicana took last place with $3.5 million in revenues. They were the only casino to post losses month –on-month. New Jersey online gambling will mark its fourth year anniversary in November and with the trend of increased revenues should pass the $700m milestone. Online poker recorded its worst moth ever with $1.74m which was the lowest for a full month of service since launch in...

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Google Reportedly Set to Allow Real Money Gambling Apps in Google Store

There are reports coming out of UK based tech firm Degree 53 that Google had sent out an email to gambling operators alerting them that there is a major shift of policy planned in regards to their real money gambling policy. According to Degree 53’s Andrew Daniels, Google is notifying gambling firms that as of August 2017 they will accepting applications for the distribution of gambling apps within the Play store in the United Kingdom, France and the Republic of Ireland. At a later date, this policy change may be expanded to new regions and countries.” This if confirmed is potentially very big news for gambling companies as Android is by far the most popular operating system used by players. Until now the only other real money gambling option that was available on Google was Betcade which was short lived. Betcade at the time offered a one stop shop for all real money gambling apps. Android users looking to play real money gambling on their devices have had to download apps direct from the gambling sites which is a major disadvantage as it limits potential exposure to new customers and hinders developers pushing updates to the apps. At the time of this article being published there was no confirmation from Google on their new...

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FanDuel Looking To Inject More Money After FTC Halts Merger

The US Federal and Trade Commission (FTC) has seemingly blocked the merger between DFS powerhouses DraftKings and  FanDuel stating that a monopoly would adversely affect players due to lack of competition. As we have reported over the last few years, both FanDuel and DraftKings have had to raise a lot of money and are actually losing money despite the hype they have enjoyed in the last few years. The Sunday Times is reporting that FanDuel are already having to ask investors to inject more money due to the FTC’s decision to block the proposed merger with DraftKings. According to the report FanDuel investors will be asked to cough up additional funds to the already $350 million invested since 2009. The list if FanDuel’s investors include Scottish Enterprise, KKR and Pentech. One of the main counter arguments being put forward by FanDuel and DraftKings in favor of the merger is that it is essential for both companies as they are losing money and need to pool resources to ensure profitability and viability of their industry. It remains to be seen what will come of the proposed merger but the acting Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Competition made it clear that the merger “would deprive customers of substantial benefits of direct...

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UKGC Announces New “Consumer First” Regulations

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has had to deal with growing complaints and criticism that they are not doing enough to protect the interests of players from operators who do not put the consumer first. Common complaints to the UKGC include anything from operators accused of misleading punters regarding what they are offering to delays in receiving payments from winnings. Illegal sports betting and match fixing had featured prominently in the headlines as well. From pie eating goalkeepers to suspect substitutions in football, the UKGC is responsible for ensuring that all gambling activity is kept above board with no unfair advantage given to any operator. Today the UKGC unveiled their latest enforcement strategy which followed a 12 week consultation period. The core of the new changes center around the UKGC’s policy of always putting the “Consumer first”. Some of the measures included in the new policy include financial penalties which will ensure that the offender does not reap any financial gain from noncompliance. Furthermore the UKGC will ensure that the cost of noncompliance will be much higher than compliance. Management will also have to account for their part in the breach and will have to provide answers in respect to what was done after they were made aware of the breach. UKGC CEO Sarah Harrison made it clear that they would use their” full range of enforcement powers” to ensure that operators put customers first and raise standard. She went on to say that license review was also part of their enforcement measures if need be, and they will use their powers in a targeted way, She assured the public that the regulator will take “ robust and effective action” against operators who fall short of their regulatory obligations. If anyone doubt the seriousness of the UKGC they only have to look at or recent report which involved online lottery firm Lottoland being slapped with a hefty £150k fine for misleading the...

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Fixed-Odds Betting Terminal Review Delayed Until October

The heated debate over the fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) has been in the headlines for years now. These highly controversial machines dubbed the “crack cocaine” of gambling have become a national political issue that shows no sign of being resolved. After much talk about reviews of the FOBTs the UK government in the latest statement has said that any planned review will be delayed until October. The main controversy of the FOBTs is currently the betting amount that can be played which currently stand at a £100 limit. Opponents to FOBTs want this reduced to a maximum of £2. Needless to say these machines are major cash cows for betting firms as well as the Government who enjoy sizable tax revenues from them. The latest body to examine this issue is the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) who will carry out an in depth review according to the Guardian Newspaper. Reports are that there is a rift between them and the Treasury Department over the regulations which has resulted in the planned review being postponed till October. Politicians are under increasing pressure to once and for all address this thorny issue at FOBTs have resulted in UK punters losing £11 billion since their launch in 2008. Responding to the latest delay, the Association of British Bookmakers said,” Any decisions affecting an industry that serves six million customers and employs over 52,000 people, more than the rest of the gambling industry combined, should be taken on the basis of the facts and evidence. We remain committed to working with the government and regulators on our responsible gambling...

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