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NIGA joins ASBC In Efforts to Legalize Sports Betting in the US

The push to legalize sports betting in the U.S. is continuing to gain momentum in the last few years and many believe it is just a matter of when and not if it happens. As we have reported the main state to challenge the current status quo is that of New Jersey which is still in the midst of trying to get sports betting legalized in the Garden State. Other major sporting bodies like the NBA through their Commissioner Adam Silver have also notably changed their tune in the last few years and have adopted a policy of pragmatism which means that they support legalization as it is already a reality on the round with people spending billions on illegal betting. Another initiative was the American Sports Betting Coalition (ASBC) which was the brain child of the American Gaming Association which we reported on in June. The ASBC has its primary aim the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports protection Act (PASPA) which currently prohibits sports betting on a federal level except for in the state of Nevada. Today ASBC announced that the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) which represents 184 gaming tribes is now part of the group. Chairman of NIGA Ernie Stevens Jr. said,” We are pleased to announce that the National Indian Gaming Association will be joining the AGA’s Coalition on Sports Betting, which will enable us to coordinate with and provide feedback to the AGA with regard to tribal gaming concerns as the coalition advances its policy object. “Of chief concern to NIGA is to ensure that tribal interests are protected, particularly avoidance of any negative impacts on existing compacts and exclusivity clauses.” President and CEO of AGA Geoff Freeman commented on the joining of NIGA and said,” We have a window of opportunity to get this done and the National Indian Gaming Association is critical to making it happen. Tribal engagement will help to move the needle forward and as the industry further unites, we will be able to end the failing ban on sports betting and allow our industry to...

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FanDuel Exits UK To Focus On Key US Market

The Daily Fantasy Sports market in the US has being trying to return to its glory days after a couple of nightmare years which were spent fighting legal battles that almost crippled the entire industry. The legal and regulatory issues in the US led both FanDuel and DraftKings to seek greener pastures abroad and both obtained operating licenses in the UK in the hope that this would provide a trouble free market outside of the US. DFS industry experts have always been quick to point out that the success and popularity of DFS in the US is largely due to the fact that sports betting is not legal in most US States. However in countries like the UK, sports betting has been legal and available for a long time to sports fans. It seems that the demand for DFS in markets like the UK is far from high and this has led to DFS powerhouse FanDuel announcing that today that they will not be offering contests in the UK this season. Customers of received an email in which the departure was classified as a “hiatus”. This is definitely a blow to the DFS outside the U.S. and is a strong indicator of the challenges faced and difficulties to attract new audiences outside of the US to this market. FanDuel launched less than a year ago in the UK and only around £1 million was won over the last year by UK players which is nothing compared to the US. A company spokesman said,” We will not be operating our UK product this upcoming EPL season to focus on our product in the US. As we approach the NFL season, we are allocating all of our resources towards ramping up a US product that consumers love and building out complementary fantasy sports products. There are over 53 million people playing fantasy sports in the United States and we are investing all of our resources on that market.” This latest news comes at a time when the merger between FanDuel and DraftKings was scrapped due to FTC...

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Australian lottery Groups Furious At Plans to Create Sports Lottery For Olympic Revival

Lotteries are known to be some of the most efficient methods to finance many social projects such as education, housing, sports development and others. Sporting events like the Olympics cost billions for any government to fund and with limited resources the option of creating a sports lottery to pay for an Olympic games is causing controversy down under. There are calls for a sports lottery to be formed to pay for an Australian Olympic revival. This idea is being pushed by the Australian Olympic Committee and Australian Sports Commission. The national lottery fund could be worth as much as $50 million a year and has even garnered the support of Sports Minister Greg Hunt who stated that lottery would be a sensible idea if handled in a regulated and legislated manner. Needless to say the idea of a sports lottery which would compete with the regular lottery has the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Association in an uproar and this would undoubtedly take away revenues they depend on which currently go to schools, hospital and charities. CEO Adam Joy voiced his concerns and said,”It seems like they’re running full steam ahead … without doing enough consultation. It just doesn’t make sense to take it away to fund sports.” According to Joy $1.6 billion is currently delivered to state and territory governments through lottery taxes. He stated that he believes the government should look to online gambling operators who benefit hugely instead of the public lottery being used to find projects like the Olympics. He suggested a point of consumption tax to be imposed on online gambling firms. The idea of introducing a sports lottery is not new with Great Britain having introduced a national sports lottery which saw them record the best ever Olympic results in the last three Olympic games. According to reports Hunt has already met some leading gambling and broadcasting companies to discuss the lottery operation. Australian Sports Commission ASC Chairman John Wylie believes Australian has reached the “moment of truth and believes If we are going to remain competitive internationally, if we are going to have a healthy and active society, we need to invest significantly more in the...

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Snooker Ace Joe Perry Fined and Suspended After Breaching Betting Regulations

Match fixing in sports is nothing new and we covered the topic extensively over the last few years. Whether it be tennis, football or basketball the billions involved in the outcome of sporting events is often too much of a temptation for players to resist. The idea of a professional sports player being able to influence the results of games they are participating in themselves has got regulators of the sporting bodies imposing strict regulations on any form of betting that is allowed. The latest story which has popped up is with the 42 year old Englishman Joe Perry who ranks at no. 22 in the snooker rankings. He has been fined and suspended for three months from snooker for breaking betting rules. According to reports he placed over 20 bets from the period of 2009-2013 and was using five different accounts that were registered in his name. The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) has fined Perry £2,500. While the allegations are serous, Perry is not been accused of betting in matches where he participated which could have seen him get a lifetime ban. In addition investigators did not find any evidence of match fixing whatsoever. According to the WPBSA ,” The facts of the case are that between 23rd September 2009 and 3rd June 2013 Mr Perry placed 193 bets on snooker with 5 different online betting operators. None of these bets involved his own matches, but it did include bets on matches in tournaments Mr Perry competed in.” The amounts in question were also small with a total value of £2,806.49 over the four-year period where he made an overall profit of £832.09.They added in a statement ,” There is no suggestion whatsoever that Mr Perry was doing anything to influence match outcomes or engaged in any corrupt activity, he was solely betting on...

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UKGC Launches Resolver Complaints Consumer Tool

The UKGC has been publicly very proactive in making their presence felt in the last 12 months. After mounting pressure from politicians on various issues including the fixed odds betting terminals, the UK Gambling Commission seems to have gone out of their way to flex their muscles and show that they are putting consumers first. Operators like Lottoland have felt the weight of the UKGC come down on them with hefty fines being imposed for misleading advertisements to the public. Added to that are prominent suspicious match fixing allegations that have also earned a close look by the UKGC. Their latest consumer protection tool is called the “Resolver” which is the new online consumer support tool that will assist players submitting complaints related to gambling. Resolver which will be launched on August 1 is an independent free tool for consumer who want to register complaints. It will assist consumers in writing and submitting their complaint more efficiently while at the same time managing the customer expectations regarding their complaints. All information will be restored in a central location as well as customers being able to send mails via the Resolver tool. Customers’ complaints will now be sent via a Resolver address instead of their private emails and operators will be expected to answer resolver emails in the same manner as private emails previously used. The UKGC went on to say that the new toll does not act on consumers behalf but it will assist punters to make complaints in “a structured manner” and make informed choices about what actions to take. They added,” The Gambling Commission has worked with the team at Resolver to help develop the information that Resolver uses about gambling, though Resolver remains entirely independent of...

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