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NYX Gaming Acquires UK Based Betdigital

NYX Gaming Group has been on a M&A spree of late and is solidifying itself as the premium platform provider in the gaming industry. In another move to expand their growth NYX has announced the acquisition of UK gaming content provider Betdigital who provide online content on multiple channels including online, mobile, interactive TV and land based gaming platforms throughout the UK. The price tag is a maximum £24.5m with an undisclosed cash payment upfront and earnout over three years. This acquisition will enable NYX to expand in the UK and beyond. NYX CEO Matt Davey explained the strategy behind the move,” In Betdigital, we have identified an asset that will strengthen our reach and underpin the global content strategy of the company. Particularly, Betdigital allows NYX to strengthen its position in the UK market, providing another unique flavor of regional expertise and omni-channel content that will benefit NYX and OpenBet customers and shareholders immediately and over the long term.” CEO of Betdigital was delighted with the opportunity to join the NYX family and said,” We are well-positioned to help NYX gain maximum returns from their plans for omni-channel expansion. Being a part of the NYX family will accelerate Betdigital’s growth story by leveraging the cross sell opportunities available with the NYX customer base and by providing them with world-class...

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DFS Bill In Illinois Delayed Until Further Notice

The battle over whether daily fantasy sports is illegal gambling is underway throughout the US with many Attorney Generals adopting the opinion that DFS equates to illegal gambling. The state of Illinois was supposed to be one of those states that were to regulate the DFS industry and clear up any legal issues. Attorney General Lisa Madigan has been in the forefront of fighting DraftKings and FanDuel and it seems that for the moment legislation aimed at regulating DFS has stalled. Democratic Republican Michael Zalewski who was one of the main sponsors of HB3655 took a decision not to bring the bill for consideration only days before the spring session. Zalewski explained the turn of events and said, “So what I am going to do is, for the moment, not pursue a vote on House Bill 3655. I’m going to continue to have individual conversations with my colleagues. I am going to explain to them why this is good public policy. And I am going to live to fight another day.” Other allegations that surfaced by Rep. Mayfield were also explosive as she claimed that DraftKings and FanDuel were involved in illegal lobbying for the passage of HB3655. This allegedly included claims that they were offering donations to specific organizations in return for yes votes. Mayfield said that,”The email basically alleged that in exchange for considerations, donations, that he could guarantee votes. That’s illegal.” As expected both DraftKings and FanDuel released a joint statement from their spokesman Jeremy Kudon denying the allegations,. It said,” We categorically reject the implication that DraftKings or FanDuel would partake in such behavior. We do not condone this type of activity. It’s simply not how we do business here or anywhere in the...

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NYX Gaming Reports Excellent Q1 Results

NYX Gaming Group has had a busy quarter with the highlight been their acquisition of OpenBet in conjunction with William Hill. They announced their Q1 earnings for 2016 which showed an increase of 88.7% in total revenue to $18.8m compared to the $9.9m for the same period last year. Highlights of the first quarter included Gross Profit of $16.2m and adjusted EBITDA of $4.8m. There were 12 new OGS contracts signed as well as 4 new clients who launched OGS content. In addition 8 new games were released. CEO Matt Davey was delighted at their Q1 results and said,” We are very proud that Q1 not only marks another strong quarter but is also a confirmation of our long-term strategy to be the leading provider of digital gaming content and technology worldwide. Through our highly successful M&A activity, we have set in place the building blocks for our global business, and are now focused on realizing our full potential for the benefit of our customers and shareholders.” No doubt the acquisition of OpenBet is seen as strategic to NYX’s future roadmap in which they see themselves as becoming the leading end-to-end solution for regulated gaming markets and B2B provider in the gaming...

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Greece Government Approves Increase In Online Gambling Tax

The Greek government is under pressure to meet its next EU sanctioned loan tranche and has to come up with revenues to finance this. Online gambling is of course an easy target and the Greek Government has slapped a fixed 35% Gross Gaming Revenue tax on all licensed online betting operators. This increase from the scalable 30-35% enjoyed until now will come into effect as of January 2017. All of the 24 international license online gambling operators will have to pay this fixed 35% rate but in order to fulfill the EU fair business competition practices that state owned gambling operator OPAP will also have to match this gambling tax. The Greek government is expected to raise around €54m from online gambling duties while it is also expected to raise taxes in other areas such as alcohol, luxury goods, pay-TV, coffee, automotive etc. As part of their rescue package from the EU, Greece is required to raise an additional €1.5 billion in taxes and meet a surplus of 3.5% of its national...

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National Lottery Reports Record Revenues for 2015/2016

It has been a record year in sales for the UK national Lottery as Camelot Group released figures for the 12 month period up to March 31. The revenues were an all-time high for Camelot with £7.6 billion generated which is an increase of £317m on the previous year. These figures are especially impressive as sales of draw-based games were down from £6.2m to £4.6m due to a controversial change in the number of balls from 49 to 59 which lowered the chances of winning from 1 in 14 million to 1 in 45 million. The most interesting increase reported was that of the digital growth sales that saw tablets increase by 53% and smartphones by 71% year-on-year. Camelot CEO Andy Duncan was delighted with the digital performance and said,” I’m delighted by the fantastic year we’ve had – especially across our digital channels. With our own world-leading mobile platform and over eight million registered online players, Camelot leads the field of digital lottery innovation. Consumer and retail director of Camelot, Sally Cowdry explained the surge in mobile sales,” Mobile is enabling us to get to know our customers whichever channel they choose to play through, so if our retail players have our app we can communicate directly to them and make sure they’re up to date with our news and relevant content. We’re focused on making sure our end-to-end experience is both easy and entertaining.” Of the total sales figures Camelot said Good Causes and players shared a record £6 billion of the total sales figures. Over 100 millionaires have been created in the last 6 months. Despite the draw based lottery sales been down, lotto sales were up 14% in the second half of the year after revamping the Lotto draw with 10 extra...

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