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PokerStars Continue Global Expansion In Casino With Italy Launch

Amaya Gaming have made their intentions clear as to where they want their prize acquisition PokerStars to be in the next few years. What was once exclusively an online poker room has now been expanded into an online casino and in the near future sports betting portal. Following Spain and the UK PokerStars have added blackjack and roulette in Italy on their PokerStars.It client. The addition of a casino tab will allow Italians to dabble in traditional casino games. Various versions of blackjack will be on offer includes Atlantic City Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack, Classic Blackjack and European Blackjack. Director of Casino for PoekrStars and Full Tilt, Sam Hobcraft commented on the launch,” The launch of casino games on PokerStars allows players to enjoy the convenience of playing poker and casino in one place, Our games are fun, safe and we are using our global experience to offer fun games for Italian players.” PokerStars are looking to rebrand themselves as a portal for online recreational players and not only hardcore poker fans. The rumors of them looking into the acquisition of DraftDay in the much talked about Daily Fantasy Sports market is another indicator of their long term expansion...

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Gamblers Sue Manny Pacquiao For Not Disclosing Shoulder Injury

The “Fight of the Century” between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao has raised more fighting out of the ring than in. What was the biggest boxing event in recent years has now turned into a legal battle that could well have serious consequences for the Philippine Superstar. With millions of dollars wagered in both legal and illegal bookies, many punters are furious at the failure of Pacquiao to disclose a pre-bout shoulder injury which was revealed only an hour after the fight ended. This has resulted in in Pacquiao been sued in various U.S. courts by various people who felt they were defrauded. Lawsuits were filed in Texas, Nevada, Illinois and California, The lawsuits are seeking compensation for what they believe is a breach of the law stating that consumers cannot be defrauded. This included pay-per-view television viewers, ticket buyers and punters who gambled on the outcome of the fight. Attorneys for Pacquiao were adamant in denying the charges and said,” The lawsuits are factually wrong and legally wrong, and we expect they will be dismissed in due course. The revelation by Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum after the bout was unexpected as fighters are required by the Nevada Athletic Commission to inform them of any injury in the pre-fight medical questionnaire. Pacquiao is expected to undergo rotator cuff surgery thus...

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Macau Revenues Drop Again In April By 38.8 Percent

Not that it surprises anyone but the worlds’ largest gambling hub Macau has recorded their 11th consecutive month of falling revenues. As we have reported extensively the once undisputed playground for China’s rich and influential class has been the subject of a crackdown. Chinese leader Xi Jinping is determined to not only to come down heavily on corruption but also to ensure that Macau diversifies from gambling which until now has been the main income generator for the regions. Chinese government officials and VIP high rollers were the mainstay of the Macau casinos and since the crackdown they are wary of being caught in the police net. April saw revenues fall by 38.8 percent from the same period last year. Gambling revenues in April fell to $2.40 billion.The drop was in line with analyst’s forecasts which were around 38-40 percent. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting harder to see despite the positive voices like that of Sheldon Adelson who believes the current downturn is just cyclical and part of...

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PokerStars Limits Affiliate Earnings To Two Years

The largest online poker website on the planet PokerStars is making more changes to their affiliate program. Last year we reported on their controversial changes to their affiliate program which at the time was chalked down to cost saving measures. Since their acquisition last year by Amaya Gaming, PokerStars is aggressively looking to acquire new players. In an email sent out on Friday PokerStars announced a new policy regarding their affiliate program which would see their previous lifetime deals cut down to a two-year maximum. This will have a significant impact on loyal affiliates who until now have enjoyed benefiting from players they brought to PokerStars over the years. PokerStars said in the email,” As we look towards the future, PokerStars wants to significantly grow the game of poker by introducing the game to new audiences and continue to acquire recreational players. Consequently, we are announcing plans to rebalance the PokerStars affiliate payment program.” As of June 1 PokerStars will only pay revenues to affiliates that referred players for the first two years. In terms of the new policy no previous affiliate sign-ups will continue to generate revenue for more than the next two years. The new policy will also affect these signings with affiliates prior to June 1. The policy according to PokerStars is aimed at ensuring affiliates get rewarded for bringing new players instead of the current system that disproportionately pays affiliates for existing players. Affiliates do not have long to decide if they wish to comply with the new program. In a statement they said,” Our existing agreement with you requires us to give 14 days’ notice of changes; in this instance, we will give 30 days’ notice.” Those opting not to accept the new changes will need to remove affiliate coding from the websites. In an effort to appease angry affiliates PokerStars acceded that the change would have a significant impact but believe their new program will provide a great opportunity for affiliates who choose to join their growing online poker...

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Amaya Gaming Release Q4 Earnings For 2014

Amaya Gaming have just announced their Q4 earnings for 2014 and the results certainly justified their $4.9 billion dollar deal last year which saw them acquire PokerStars. While poker is seen as a core part of Amaya’s business plans, CEO David Baazov has made it clear that they intend to compete in other markets including casino and sports betting. Baazov announced that they will be entering the much talked about Daily Fantasy Sports market as early as the beginning of the next NFL season. He said,” We have also taken the strategic decision to enter the daily fantasy sports category and are pursuing parallel tracks of internal development and strategic acquisition. We expect to provide more details on this strategy in the second half of 2015 but see a clear cross over from poker and daily fantasy sports.” The DFS market is becoming crowded and the monopoly DraftKIngs and FanDuel still have is set to change. We reported on the expected entry of Yahoo into Daily Fantasy Sports which will almost certainly trigger other major players like CBS to follow suite. The popularity of real money daily fantasy sports betting has caught the eye of corporate brands like Walt Disney who invested over $250 million in DraftKings. The fact that fantasy sports betting is legal in most U.S. states has caught the eye of traditional entertainment companies who realize the potential for growth. Some of the highlights of Amaya’s Q4 results include revenues of $369 million in 2014 compared to the $37 million in the same quarter in 2013. Adjusted net earnings were $86 million compared to the $11 million in Q4 of 2013. Cashflow from operating activities increased to $56 million from the $3 million in 2013. Two million new customers were registered in Q4 with poker accounting for most of the core earnings. Baazov expects growth to continue in 2015. Amaya’s expansion into sports betting, mobile table games and slots. He said,” Amaya intends to acquire new customers and gain online gaming market share through the continued expansion of the B2C business in other verticals, including sports betting, casino, social gaming and daily fantasy sports, which we expect will supplement our current growth plans for our core poker...

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