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Chancellor George Osborne Calls For Racing Betting Right To Replace Levy

Chancellor George Osborne is not the most popular person amongst UK bookies. His efforts have seen UK bookies hit hard by all sorts of sanctions including the point of consumption tax and the imminent crackdown on fixed odds betting terminals. Well it seems there is another surprise for UK bookies, this time in the racing industry. Osborne announced in the Budget that the government will be supporting a Racing Betting Right which is set to replace the current levy which funds the sport. The plan is to introduce legislation that will replace the Levy as the primary funding source of the sport. The current Levy has been in place since 1963 when betting was legalized. The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) is supporting the bill as they believe with online betting the system has to be updated as a large portion of bets were place outside the traditional betting shops. This is costing the industry over £25 million pounds in lost revenues. Just like the point of consumption tax, the new levy would apply to all bookmakers who take bets from British customers irrespective of their location. Chief executive of the BHA welcomed the new initiative and said,” We are still in the situation whereby the vast majority of bets placed by punters outside of betting shops are making no contribution to the central finances of the sport. This is unsustainable, and there is recognition that this needs to change.” The proposed legislation will not be passed without fierce opposition from UK bookmakers. A spokesperson for the Association of British Bookmakers made it clear that they will not allow this legislation to be passed without a fight. The statement said,” We believe a Racing Right is unworkable. It will be mired in legal issues for years and...

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Draft Fantasy Sports Betting Startup Raises $3.5 Million In Funding

Our loyal readers know that one of our main focuses is on the growing fantasy sports betting market. In particular the daily real money fantasy sector spearheaded by the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel. These two powerhouses are dishing out hundreds of millions of dollars in real money daily tournaments. We reported that here is an estimated 42 million sports betting fanbase in the U.S. and Canada alone which is constantly growing. The pace at which both FanDuel and DraftKings are expanding in all major sporting franchises including the NBA, NHL, NFL and even the UFC is unprecedented. Everyone acknowledges the unlimited growth potential for fantasy sports betting as if or when sports betting becomes legal on a nationwide basis, these startups will go from billion dollar companies to multi-billion dollar enterprises overnight. It is no surprise that new fantasy startups are popping up on a frequent base as the chance to get in on this exciting sector is still out there. With March Madness underway the there is no better time for any fantasy sports betting company to do some clever marketing. This is exactly what Draft has done. The sports mobile game business announced a $3.5 million round of funding as well as the launch of their March Madness real money betting app called Draft. The founders of the New York company are Jeremy Levine and Nicolo Giorgi. Their previous company StarStreet was just one of the acquisitions of DraftKings who went on a shopping spree to acquire all of their competitors. Draft is new and currently offers NBA, NHL and College basketball games. More is to follow as the company intends to grow. This latest round of funding was led by Upfront Ventures and included The Chernin Group, Advancit Capital and QueensBridge Venture partners. Partner at Upfront Ventures, Greg Bettinellli commented on their ne investment,” We are super excited about the potential for Draft as they continue to innovate in the incredibly dynamic fantasy sports space. The emergence of daily fantasy sports and mobile has had an immediate impact on the way sports fans interact with their favorite players and teams, and Draft takes these behaviors to the next level.” Another Draft advisor and former CEO of Yahoo, Ross Levinsohn said,” Draft is addicting. It combines the best of what I’ve seen over the last two decades of fantasy sports play into a simple, dynamic, and compelling...

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Legal Battle Over Legalizing Sports Betting In New Jersey Continues

The legal battle over legalizing sports betting in New Jersey has entered another phase as the Garden State took their case to a federal appeals court today. Anyone looking over the proceedings over the last few years has a right to be confused especially in the last few months. As we reported New Jersey is looking to repeal the 1992 federal professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act which states that states can not “sponsor, operate, advertise, promote, license or authorize” sports betting. The opponents to legalizing sports betting include all the major sporting bodies like the NBA, NFL, NHL, Major league Baseball and NCAA who believe the integrity of professional sports would be undermined if sports betting is legalized. This stance has been challenged however by no less than NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred who recently have expressed support for some sort of regulation or legalization of sports betting outside of the state of Nevada. Today’s verbal arguments before the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals are focused on the interpretation of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports protection Act. New Jersey headed by Gov. Chris Christie is looking to enjoy the millions of dollars in legal sports betting revenues that would be generated at the state casinos and...

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Manchester United Release Real Money Casino App with Bwin

With over 650 million loyal global fans Manchester United Football Club is one of the most popular sporting brands around. This makes them highly attractive for any brand looking to enjoy such a massive global fan base. Earlier this year we reported on the club teaming up with social casino developer and publisher KamaGames. The marriage of sports and gambling is nothing new as it is a natural match as both target audiences are similar. Today saw Manchester United and bwin launch the first ever club-based real money casino app called bwin Manchester United Casino. Players will get a unique experience as they get to enjoy a 3D casino realistic environment but with the hallowed Old Trafford as a background. To add to the fun users are welcomed into the casino lobby by United players accompanied with voiceovers throughout the games. MD of Manchester United, Richard Arnold explained this new venture,” Since Manchester United launched its relationship with bwin in 2012, we have been impressed by their commitment to setting the standard in their industry and providing dynamic and innovative user experiences, as is clearly demonstrated in the bwin Manchester United casino. The launch of the app is an important milestone in our partnership, and is yet another exciting platform to bring the Club closer to its fans.’ Director of bwin labels, Sam Sadi explained their side of the deal,” Our aim is to offer sports fans unique gaming experiences anytime, anywhere. Working with the club, we have used our partnership to create something entirely new and standout in our industry that will appeal to both Manchester United fans and casino players looking for superior graphics and...

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London Mayor Boris Johnson Weighs In On FOBT Debate

The Daily Mail has in the last few years launched a fierce campaign to tackle the problem of fixed odds betting terminals. (FOBTs). They even went on to blame the controversial Teddy Sagi who developed the software that these high speed gambling machines run on. As our readers know there are over 33,000 of FOBTs across the UK and over £1.5 billion was lost last year on these machines. This is an increase of £500 million from 2009. As we have reported there has been constant pressure from the church to local councils for the government to reduce the current maximum stake which is £100. The latest piece to come out of the Daily Mail quotes London Mayor Boris Johnson who is calling to cut the maximum stake down to as little as £2. Johnson told the Mail that like many others he believes that the FOBTS or the “crack cocaine of gambling” preys on the vulnerable elements of society. Johnson was quoted as saying,” Fixed odds betting machines are the scourge of our High Streets and a very bad thing for our community. They can be dangerously addictive, their promise of whopping wins only gives false hope, and they prey on the vulnerable within our society. I have urged the Government to proceed with the utmost caution when considering the maximum stakes available on these machines.” Bookmakers have tried to open dialogue with the government to implement measures that would reduce the negative effects of these cash cows. Measures like reducing advertising in windows seem not to be nearly enough to placate the growing calls for harsh restrictions on the amounts that can be...

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