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Playtech Increase Social Gaming Investment With Launch Of Wild Spin Casino App

Gambling companies are investing heavily in the social gaming market which is considered an essential link in the gambling chain. We reported on the gaming subsidiaries of bwin via Win and Caesars via Playtika which are all focusing on this growing market. Today along with their excellent 2013 results, Playtech announced their intentions to invest  additional resources in their social gaming portfolio. Playtech have rolled out a soft launch of their social gaming platform which will feature their social slots app Wild Spin Casino on Facebook. This focus into social casino gaming is part of Playtech’s overall strategy as they announced they intend investing £6m in their social sector in 2014. In a statement Playtech explained their increased focus in social gaming,” Further opportunities are being created by investing in new and emerging product verticals that will become additional building blocks for future growth such as social and casual gaming. Management believes this is an area of future potential and has assembled a team with strong track records of development to drive this initiative.” Currently the Wild Spin Casino app features ten unlockable slot games and will fully launch in the coming months. This app comes from Skywind which is partly owned by Playtech founder Teddy Sagi. The company is an assortment of various development studios and had a part in the Roller Casino app of Paddy...

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Real Gaming Becomes Third Real Money Online Poker Site In Nevada

Time flies as it has almost been a year since real money online poker was launched in the state of Nevada with Ultimate Poker. This was followed by WSOP joining the party in September 2013. The latest online poker offering to be released is that of Real Gaming which will be available via the South Point hotel. Residents of Nevada will be allowed to play online as long as they are physically located within state boundaries. While this is good news for online poker fans there are questions being asked if there the Nevada market is big enough to sustain three operators. While Nevada’s is a much smaller market than that of New Jersey the exact revenues are still anyone’s guess as figures will only be released starting in March. Many market experts question the viability of an additional online poker player as the Nevada market has reached its peak. Real Gaming’s entry could also come at the expense of Ultimate Poker and as the player database has yet to be expanded. To add to the marketing worries of online poker offerings is the fact that other players like 888 and are also reportedly preparing to enter Nevada. Location verification is a prerequisite in order to play and this is done by downloading the mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS. Currently the site offers tournaments and cash games but does not offer multi-table...

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Robocoin Continue To Demystify Bitcoins With ATM Kiosks Coming To The U.S.

Virtual currencies like Bitcoin are a major focus of our team as besides their speculative nature they have the potential to transform the entire online gambling system and some even believe the global banking system. Like all new technologies the secret to making it a global success is in the demystifying process. Just like Steve Jobs did with computers, the key to introducing innovative technology is to keep it simple. The pitfalls of Bitcoin are well documented as we have seen in the last month. Besides the volatility there is still much confusion amongst many as exactly how to purchase Bitcoin. While some will make the effort to research the process which involves Bitcoin exchanges, many will give up before they start due to the complexity. It is here where startups like Robocoin could revolutionize the Bitcoin industry.  Many people look at Bitcoin as no more than a semi educated gamble where the risks and rewards can be astronomical. Robocoin have come up with the simple idea of using ATM technology to enable anyone to purchase Bitcoin currency. There is no longer a need to get involved in complicated Bitcoin exchanges and dubious operators. Robocoin’s kiosks work just like regular ATM’s. With Robocoin you can purchase Bitcoin with more than 60 currencies as well as withdraw Bitcoin which can be stored on a digital wallet on to your smartphone. There is a three-tier authentication process which ensures that your transaction is safe. The process is simple as the kiosk will scan your government-issued ID and ask you to enter a code sent to you via SMS. As a final step in the security verification process, you will be required to scan your palm to ensure that you physically are in possession of your smartphone. As we reported last month Robocoin was already in use in Vancouver. The good news is that Robocoin is coming to the U.S and will be installed in Seattle and Austin Texas. This is good news for Bitcoin in general as the normalization of virtual currencies is essential for them to remain in the long term.We can only hope that innovative technology like virtual currencies will be allowed to succeed. Even those who scoff at conspiracy theories would have to agree that the odds of global banking conglomerates taking kindly to a currency which could threaten their existence is not too...

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Damage To Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Casino Worse Than Initially Thought

The shutdown of all the Sands company sites for over six days is a serious warning to online casinos. While initially there was speculation that it was merely a DDoS attack aimed at just bringing down the sites, it is now emerging that things could be a lot worse than initially thought. As our earlier report indicated there are plenty of theories floating out there as to the real cause of the hacking. From the political aspect due to Sheldon Adelson’s support for Israel got most of the coverage as there were snapshots taken of Adelson and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted on the sites before they went down. The length of time and the pace at which the sites started operating has many returning to the theory that they were hit by a DDoS attack. A more worrying picture is now emerging which shows that the hacking of the sites using a political motive may just have been a cover for the cyber pirate’s real intention. In a report in the Associated Press it has emerged that despite initial denials by Sands authorities, vital employee Social Security numbers were stolen. A video was sent to AP which apparently shows sensitive administrator passwords including vital passwords for slot machine systems. The 11 minute video also shows detailed diagrams of the company’s internal networks. Sands spokesman Ron Reese said,” We have now determined that the hackers reached at least some of the company’s internal drives in the US containing some office productivity information made up largely of documents and spreadsheets,” he said in a statement. “We have seen the video and are continuing to investigate what, if any, customer or additional employee data may have been compromised as part of the hacking.” While authorities continue to investigate the hacking, there are growing concerns on how this major security break will affect the Sands revenue as concerned online gamblers think twice before handing over their private information. The more obvious question lingering is if the world’s largest casino company with all their resources can be hacked with such ease, then how safe are the smaller online gambling operations which have a fraction of the resources available to the...

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Predictious Exploits Loophole And Offers Legal Online Gambling Option

Online gamblers in the U.S looking to try their luck are still largely restricted to the three States that have legalized it. With only Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware offering limited online gaming options there is a huge demand that has yet to be supplied for millions of Americans who want in on the action. Wherever there is strict regulation and legal restrictions there are always entrepreneurs who look for legal loopholes to overcome limitations. One such site is called This online Bitcoin site has found a legal loophole in which it is operating. The Ireland–based company allows anyone to bet on what is known as a “prediction market”. In other words one can bet on anything from the Olympics to who is going to win on the Oscars. This type of betting is controversial and was banned by the federal Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in 2012 based on the grounds that it was “contrary to the public interest.” This led to the well-known prediction site been forced to shutdown. It is here where have thought of a loophole in the form of the digital currency Bitcoin. As our regular readers know, Bitcoin is still largely a gray area when it comes to legal precedents. Due to the fact that there is no central governing body or nay physical form, it does not fall under the same restrictions as regular currency. Currently this enables sites like Predictious to operate but the future of these Bitcoin sites is uncertain as most governments around the globe have yet to get their heads around the volatile digital virtual currency. Even a spokesman for the CFTC admitted that it prohibits the prediction market sites that utilize cash but when it comes to Bitcoin the issue is still uncertain. Prediction market online sites are popular and take the form of anything from Binary sites to sports betting. Bitcoin is at the moment the ideal solution to legal headaches as the founder of Predictious, Flavien Charlon said,” With all the legal problems and regulations, that made it almost impossible to start a prediction market. But when I found out about bitcoin I thought: ‘That’s the perfect thing for this.’ Almost right when I discovered bitcoin, I started to work on this project.” Legislators have their hands full with online gaming legislation. The introduction of virtual currencies like Bitcoin to the issue make things more complicated for legislators on the one hand but fun and rewarding for gamblers on the...

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