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Over 91,000 Online Gambling Accounts Created In New Jersey

New Jersey’s entry into online gambling is growing at a steady pace. It was only a few weeks ago that we reported that over 37, 000 online accounts had been created since the Nov. 21 launch.Continuing the growth trend, New Jersey’s Gaming Enforcement Division has announced that the current online accounts created stands at over 91, 000 as of Sunday. Currently seven of the state casinos are offering online gambling, The Garden State is living up to the expectations that led up to their Nov. 25 launch. Of all the three U.S. states offering legal online gambling, New Jersey is expected to have the largest potential market. The size of the market is a saga within itself. Estimates range anything from $250 million a year to the $1 billion that the colorful Gov. Chris Christie gave to his home state. Expansion is the name of the game in the U.S. online gambling world with talks of Colorado looking to pursue real money gambling. Punters in the looking to gamble online still need to look pretty hard if they want to go the legal route. Despite being illegal in most states, online gamblers determined to have a flutter still in many states have to resort to using software that hides their IP address. These revenues are been lost to illegal operators instead of benefiting the local U.S. economy. The need for more online gambling options is undoubtedly there. It is just a matter of the speed at which the Federal government gets its head out the sand and onto the playing field which will determine if the U.S. becomes a global online gambling...

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Endemol Enters Social Casino Market With Plumbee

Social casino games are a major part of free-to-play mobile and online games on major social networks like Facebook. In fact as we reported last week five of the top twenty three games on Facebook for 2013 were in fact social casino games. It is a growing sector and has large audience appeal from both non gambling and traditional gamblers. It comes as no surprise that many traditional entertainment companies want to get in on the social casino craze. One of the latest to join the club is that of “Big Brother” prouder Endemol who have just announced their $13 million investment in growing Plumbee who create and operate free-to-play mobile and online games for Facebook. Plumbee have been around since 2011 and have enjoyed success with their “Mirrorball Slots” that was launched both online and for iOS in July 2013. It is so successful that it made the list of the top 10 highest grossing social casino games on Facebook. In terms of the agreement Endemol will plough $13 million into Plumbee which will value the company at $40 million. Plumbee will develop social casino games using the Endemol TV show brands. Chair of Endemol’s Group commercial board Lucas Church commented on the partnership,” Social casino gaming is a fast-emerging market and Plumbee is one of the most innovative and dynamic operators in this space. This new partnership will allow us to accelerate the growth of Endemol’s digital gaming business around the world, whilst capturing more of the value created by our entertainment...

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Possible New Legal Real Money Poker Product Developed

With online poker in the U.S. still being expanded on a state by state basis, the chance for all Americans to enjoy online poker for real money is still largely restricted. It is here where ingenuity and thinking out of the box could help change this status quo. We all know that in order for an activity to be considered gambling there needs to be three elements involved namely: consideration, chance and prize. The aspect online poker players are focused on is the “chance” aspect”. The question of whether poker is a game of skill and not chance is the core argument used by hose claiming that the game of poker is based on skill and therefore dos not fall under the definition of gambling. In a nutshell if you can invent a poker version that takes out the element of chance and relies only on skill then you could have a legal version of online poker that could be offered nationwide. This is exactly what a local mathematician and software designer from San Francisco claims to have done. The 79 year old Arthur M. Pfeiffer is the owner and founder of Palo Alto Software Company Thwart Poker Inc. He has come up with a poker product called Texas Block ‘Em which is set to debut next year. Pfeiffer claims to have invented a poker game based 100 percent on skill with no element of luck involved, which in theory makes it legal. The way it works is that Texas Block ‘Em removes the randomness that is associated with dealing cards, Players are allowed to choose the cards they wish to play. Pfeiffer claims that ““Our players actively participate in the process, as it is their card-selection decisions that determine what cards are dealt.” While in the classic Texas Hold ‘Em, the player is dealt five face-up community cards randomly. In Texas Block ‘Em community cards are dealt randomly but players can select any hole cards they want to play with those community cards. If two players pick the same card both are blocked from getting it. Pfeiffer further stated that,” In regular poker, each player relies heavily on the fixed laws of mathematics to calculate the probability that the cards dealt will give him a winning hand. In Texas Block ’Em, each player relies heavily on his sense of human psychology in reading opponents to determine the probability that he can pick the right cards for a winning hand.” While in theory Pfeiffer seems to have come up with a legal way to circumvent the prohibition of online poker in the U.S. he still needs to pass the...

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NJ Assemblyman Defends Rejection Of PokerStars Online Licence

New Jersey’s state Division of Gaming Enforcement’s decision to reject PokerStars online gambling licence for at least two years has raised up a storm. New Jersey is not only the largest online gambling market in the U.S. currently but also have their eyes set on possibly becoming a global gambling hub. New Jersey legislators are keen to show that they are adhering to the strictest standards of regulation and are avoiding any possible unscrupulous online gambling operators. It is here where PokerStars have received strong criticism for their somewhat sordid past. In an article in the, a former Atlantic casino executive who is now a member of the New Jersey legislature has added fuel to the fire. Ralph Caputo is familiar with the gambling industry due to his past and anything he says regarding the online gambling expansion debate is well worth following. His comments on PokerStars gambling licence being rejected left no room for misinterpretation. He said,” This is the right thing to do for the integrity of New Jersey’s gaming industry. PokerStars has a sordid history of criminal accusations, and we cannot risk New Jersey’s reputation as a place where gaming is enforced diligently. “ Caputo like many other legislators in New Jersey are concerned about the effects of expanding online gambling would have on the existing casinos in Atlantic City. There is a tightrope that needs to be walked with extreme caution in order to ensure that legalized online gambling  helps struggling brick and mortar casinos and  does not take away potential patrons. To add to PokerStars woes Caputo slammed them even further by saying,” New Jersey is known for rigorous standard licensing practices. To allow a company like this one to come into New Jersey would be an insult to everyone who has gone under scrutiny to work or do business in the casino industry over the last 30...

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King Delays IPO Launch Until Next Year

Not since the IPO launch of Zynga has a social gaming company enjoyed so much hype as that of UK based King. As we reported earlier the maker of the smash hit game Candy Crush Saga were reportedly looking into the process of making a confidential IPO offering. With over 500 million downloads of their global hit Candy Crush Saga, one cannot but see the similarities between them and Zynga at their height of their success of FarmVille just before their much talked about IPO  launch. It is here that King would like the similarities to end as we all know Zynga launched largely on what many consider a one hit wonder and shortly after their IPO launch lost over two thirds of their value and are still struggling to return to their glory days. It is for this reason that King has decided to delay their potential five billion dollar IPO launch on the NASDAQ stock exchange until next year. This is considered a wise move by many and a brave move by others. King are wary of following Zynga’s downfall and want to prove that they are more than just a one hit wonder gaming company. Those close to the company are quick to point out that they have other gaming hits like that of Pet Rescue and Farm Heroes that have already passed Candy Crush Saga. While King are certainly taking a gamble in not cashing in while being the flavor of the month, they are showing potential investors that they intend to match the hype to actual...

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