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Polish Hackers Jailed For DDoS Attack

We reported in August on the arrest of two Polish men for attempting to blackmail an online casino by threatening them with a DDoS attack. To recap a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is the modern day ultimate armed robbery that can be carried out with a click of a mouse and with total anonymity. This new and worrying type of cyber crime is a serious danger to any online business and in particular to those like online gambling sites that handle millions of dollars daily. An interruption of service can be a costly affair and can ultimately result in the shutdown of an entire website. The way a DDoS attack works is that hackers bombard the serve with thousands of requests which causes the website to crash and leaving paying customers unable to access their accounts or perform online transactions. Needless to say if this occurs on a regular basis online players will simply take their business to a competitor’s site which does not suffer the problems of a DDoS attack. With this logic in mind two Polish men Piotr Smirnow,31 and Patryk Surmacki,35 came up with a scheme to blackmail a former colleague and online gambling operator to give them 50 percent of his company which is worth an estimated £30 million. If he did not comply they would take their online casino servers down along with the website. The pair pleaded guilty to offences of blackmail and unauthorized acts on computers and were sentenced to five years and four months in prison by the Manchester Crown Court. In handing down his verdict Judge Michael Henshall had some harsh words for the pair. He said their crimes involved “careful planning”.He went on to warn others who attempt such crimes by stating,” It is important that a message is sent to people that commit attacks such as this that there will be sentences that are considerable.” According to reports the two were also planning on expanding their extortion racket to a boss of a US based gaming platform that handles 100 online casinos globally. The pair were luckily arrested in a sting operation at Heathrow Airport in August. As we mentioned before the consequences of DDoS attacks are dire and are a growing threat. Detective Inspector Chris Mossop of the Serious Crime Division echoed this sentiment,” Denial of service attacks have become increasingly common offences in recent years and can have a devastating effect on the victim’s online business. With millions of pounds and potentially dozens of jobs involved, Smirnow and Surmacki were playing for incredibly high stakes and clearly knew what they were doing. They behaved...

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Poll Shows 65 Percent Of Americans Favor Legalizing Online Gambling

The potential of online gambling in the U.S. has got all major players focusing their attentions on this huge market. Being the world’s largest economy the United States should have plenty of room for gaming heavyweightds to tap into the demand for legalized online gambling in their backyard. While at present three U.S. states are up and running there are estimates that online gambling if legalized on a nationwide basis could reach over $9 billion by 2020. To put this in perspective this is more than the revenues of Atlantic City and Las Vegas combined. It is always important to listen to the people as legislators are likely to follow the public opinion when controversial topics like online gambling are raised.A recent poll conducted by Reason-Rupe shed some interesting light on this burning issue. The poll was conducted between Dec 4-8 with over 1000 adults on mobile and landline phones involved. The most telling result was that 65% of Americans favor legalizing online gambling with only 32% holding the view that the government should ban people gambling in online poker games. When it comes to party lines the majority of all partisans were in favor on legalizing online poker. There was however an increase in independents who lean towards Republican where 75% wanted legal online poker. In terms of income groups the results were pretty surprising. Lower income Americans and those with only a high school degree or less were more likely support banning online gambling (41%). But even in this group there was a majority of 56% who supported legalization. In higher income group and more educated sectors there was more support for allowing legalization. In the group of post-graduates only 21% favored the ban and in high income sectors only 31% were not in favor of online gambling. Post-graduates seem to have plenty of time to gamble online with 74% favoring legalization. Another finding was that the older generation seem to favor a ban on online gambling. Only 56% of those Americans over the age of 55 supported online gambling whereas about 70% of those under the age of 55 were in favor of online...

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Bwin.Party Looks To Soccer World Cup 2014 To Boost Revenues

Much has been said on Bwin.Party’s “lean and mean” strategy which is aimed at getting them in the profit. As reported earlier Bwin have made it their declared intention to focus on highly regulated markets while pulling out of less profitable gambling markets. In the short term Bwin have conceded that their overall revenues will drop as they are in fewer markets. The decision to block online gambling sites in Greece is an example of a region which will affect Bwin’s overall profit and revenues. However in the long term the strategy of pursuing viable and lucrative markets will pay off. One of the factors that Bwin have taken into account is that of the 2014 soccer World Cup. Bwin said today that the World Cup would be a major factor in their growth prospects for 2014. Another area which Bwin is betting heavily on is that of the growing U.S. gambling market. It has already spent over 10 million euros in marketing and launch costs in New Jersey which has started offering legal online poker to U.S. players. In light of all these factors taken into consideration Bwin announced that trading in 11 weeks since the end of September 2013 are in line with expectations. In another positive sign Bwin also announced that they have secured a 50 million pound credit facility from the Royal Bank of Scotland which is sure to calm the fears of...

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Locaid Partners With Lucky Dog Entertainment

Geolocation technology is a vital component of the mobile gambling industry and has far reaching consequences to the brick and mortar casinos as well. Until now most people think of Geolocation technology as only a requirement needed by states in order to permit online gambling within their jurisdiction. However the technology that enables land casinos to know exactly where you are located is increasingly being utilized to target customers for precision marketing. The largest Location-as-a-Service company. Locaid has just announced a partnership with Lucky Dog Entertainment. In terms of the agreement Tribal Casinos will use the Lucky Dog social casino gaming platform in order to strategically target mobile-based marketing by being able to determine the customer’s geographical location anywhere in the world. President of Lucky Dog Entertainment, Mike Randel explained the reasoning behind the partnership,” This partnership with Locaid takes our product to the next level by allowing our Tribal Casino customers to capture all of the marketing data possible from their online and mobile customers. This customer data helps Tribal Casinos to continue to market to their online customers in an intelligent way, understand where their customers are located, and determine what devices they use. With Locaid, we also have the ability to set up geographical fences for our Tribal Casino customers. The geo-fencing can be used with our social casino gaming platform or as a preparation exercise for regulated online gambling requirements.” As we reported earlier many land casinos are keen to utilize the Geolocation technology in order to convert their online customers into patrons who physically visit the brick and mortar casinos with cash rewards and other promotional incentives delivered via mobile devices. President and CEO of Locaid, Rip Gerber expanded on this rationale,” Geolocation is becoming the common thread for optimizing both operations and profitability in the online gambling industry. By using our unspoofable geolocation technology, Lucky Dog Entertainment’s customers will optimize mobile marketing ROI, realize incremental revenues and meet state regulations. Furthermore, geolocation will bring gamers an even richer online gambling experience.” Lucky Dog Entertainment was founded in 2011 and provides an online gaming and marketing tool for Tribal Casinos. With the Lucky Dog Platform each Tribal Casino has their own branded social casino gaming site. The Lucky Dog Platform features over 50 online social casino titles and 16 mobile titles for both Android and...

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Genting Strengthens U.S. Gambling Expansion With Las Vegas Resort Investment

The United States is still the world’s largest economy and after an economic slowdown there are signs of rejuvenation. This is no more apparent than in the gambling sector. With more and more U.S. states legalizing online gambling there is plenty of foreign interest in the American gambling pie. One such player is that of Southeast Asia’s biggest gaming group Genting Bhd. They have just announced that they intend to focus their international expansion plans in the U.S. They announced that they will be forking out $3 billion to $4 billion on an unfinished resort on the Las Vegas strip. This major investment in the U.S. by Genting follows their other casino which they opened up in Ney York City in 2011. Their latest Las Vegas Resort was purchased for $350 million this year from Boyd Gaming after been halted since 2008 when the global financial crisis was at its peak. Chief Executive Officer Lim Kok Thay did however state that their newest investment is dependent on approval of a casino licence. Another interesting fact is that Genting plans on using their own money for the Las Vegas investment. Their cash flow situation grew 3.8% allowing them plenty of wiggle room to invest in the United States. In terms of Genting’s assets, they have doubled in the last 18 months. Revenues at their World Casino in New York City where revenues are set to remain steady at $830 million due to the fact that no other casinos will be built in the area for at least seven years. If that’s not enough to keep them active in the U.S. gaming market thy also have plans to build a $3 billion casino and hotel on the Miami waterfront. This is on hold for the meantime as Florida legislators postponed a bill aimed at relaxing restrictions on...

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