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New Yorkers To Vote On Expanding Casinos

The issue of casinos and gambling in the U.S. is a hot topic as more states need to come up with innovative ways to generate jobs and kick start their economies. As anyone following the U.S. gambling market knows, the Wire Act of 1961 was revised by the US Justice Department and in effect this has opened up the doors for individual states to legislate their own online gambling policies. With Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware already legalizing internet gambling other states are looking to follow suit. One such state in New York who are going to the polls next month. One of the big issues on hand is whether the state constitution should be amended in order to permit up to seven casinos. Currently New York has over a dozen casino racetracks that are situated on Indian owned land. Proponents of amending the state constitution point out the fact that the proposed casinos will create thousands of jobs as well as increasing school and tax relief. According to Gov. Cuomo’s office the additional benefits will include nearly $1 billion in construction spending, nearly 10,000 jobs which include both permanent and temporary. Other benefits are $192 million in aid to local governments and over $282 million on education and property tax. Opponents to the expansion of casinos are quick to point out that the dangers and disadvantages  of gambling need to be addressed as well and focusing only on the benefits creates a warped picture for the voter who has to decide on this contentious...

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First New Jersey Online Gaming Permit Goes To Boyd’s Borgata

With estimated annual revenues of anything up to $1 billion, New Jersey is seen as the top prize for online gambling operators looking to cash in on internet gambling. With New Jersey set to launch online gambling on Nov. 26, the bragging rights of the first gaming permit holder go to the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa who are owned by Boyd Gaming and MGM Resorts. The state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement granted the licence which is set to be one of many. While Nevada already launched online poker in April with Ultimate Poker being the first legal internet poker option in the U.S., New Jersey holds much more potential. This is due not only to its size but also so the scope and variety of online gambling options that are set to be on offer to players. Like in Nevada and Delaware one of the requirements for an online gaming licence is the requirement of a partnership with a local established casino. Borgata is one of twelve Atlantic City casinos which are waiting to capitalize on the most lucrative market of all in the U.S. The Borgata is teaming up with for its online gambling offering. A spokesman for said,” This is a big step towards the opening of the regulated market for online gaming in New Jersey next month.” Another major player in the growing U.S. online gambling market is that of Locaid who ensure that customers comply with the requirements of being physically located in the legal jurisdiction they are playing in. CEO of Locaid, Rip Gerber commented on the deal between Borgata and Boyd,” We’re location-enabling Boyd and other applicants there. New Jersey is aggressively moving...

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Smartphones Contributing To Problem Gambling Amongst Young Audience

The founder of Apple Steve Jobs will go down as a visionary and trendsetter for our generation. The introduction of the first iPhone in July 2009 by Apple changed the way billions of us interact online. The fact that smartphone technology became user friendly and even trendy thanks to the iPhone has got to go down as one of the major technology revolutions in past decades. For the gambling world mobile devices have meant that we all now have the ability to walk around with a portable casino. Mobile gambling has the upper hand in comparison to old PC gambling as we are free to gamble whenever we so wish with a device that performs every function our obsoleted home computers could do. Needless to say the proliferation of smartphones and tablets is particularly prevalent amongst the younger generation. This has now got some gambling opponents worried as there are growing research trends that are showing that there is a rise in problematic gamblers using smartphones. A report in the Telegraph looks into the issue of problematic gamblers between the ages of 18-to 35 year olds. According to the article over 5,000 people between the ages of 18 to 35 have contacted a gambling helpline in the last year. Another worrying statistic is the increase in calls from this these age groups to the helpline Gamcare. While there were a total of 8,813 people who contacted Gamcare last year, there was a worrying increase of 6 percent in the calls from 18 to 35 year old. The most telling figure was that this age group accounted for 63% of all calls to Gamcare. Gambling addiction is a nationwide concern in Britain and the last national survey showed that 451,000 people has some sort of gambling problem. Needless to say this figure has increased and authorities will have to monitor the worrying trend in order to ensure a healthy gambling industry that benefits all...

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IGT Adds Monopoly-Themed Slot To DoubleDown Casino Suite

For the world’s largest slot machine maker IGT, it has been an excellent few months. Their impressive Q3 results  were largely boosted by their social casino product DoubleDown Casino which recorded a 105% increase from the same period last year. As we reported many times before, IGT’s 2012 acquisition of DoubleDown Interactive for $500 million has been questioned but the successful numbers reported in the last year have silenced many of the critics. DoubleDown has over 6 million monthly players and is one of the top social casino brands on the market. Today IGT have made another move to introduce even more classic games into their social casino offering with the introduction of their DoubleDown Casino Monopoly Plus which of course is based on the ever popular Hasbro’s Monopoly Plus Brand.Players of DoubleDown Casino will now be able to enjoy this Monopoly themed game in a slots game which is available on Facebook and mobile. Vice president of global marketing at IGT Interactive Group, John Clelland stated that the addition of a global brand like Monopoly is an excellent way to entertain players. The slots will offer players the chance to earn rewards, gain extended times and also includes bonus rounds like the Board Bonus and Mystery Wild Bonus...

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Gibraltar Looking At U.S. Online Gambling Market

The tiny territory of Gibraltar which is only 2.6 miles wide and inhabited by 30,000 residents is one of the most important online gambling hubs in the world. In fact the British Territory accounts for about 60% of all global business done by online casinos according to Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, the head of the territory’s government. We reported on the concerns that Gibraltar has over the proposed changes in the UK regarding offshore operators. Many are concerned that this could impact heavily on the tiny island which is heavily dependent on the offshore gambling operators. Minister Picardo is now looking to take advantage of the opening up of the U.S. online gambling market. He believes that Gibraltar is a global powerhouse in the online gambling field which is borne out by the fact that there are over 26 registered online casinos and gaming operators present in Gibraltar. He was quick to emphasize the fact that these 26 operators include some of the biggest and most highly regarded bookmakers in the world. These include Ladbrokes and other big names who have been attracted to the island thanks to the tax benefits and other advantages like the no value added tax policy. While as we mentioned this may all change next year if the proposed UK changes come into play, there is a lot that can happen between now and next year. Picardo’s push to enter the U.S online gambling arena is based on the premise that Gibraltar has one of the most regulated online gambling markets which includes strict controls and safety measures that prevent underage gambling and gambling addiction. Picardo Stated,” We believe that Gibraltar’s in pole position to demonstrate to each of the states of the United States that we have been respectful of its laws and that this demonstrates how regulated the industry is in Gibraltar.” If successful Picardo’s attempts to offer their services to the U.S. market could have positive spin-off effects for the 30,000 residents who are anxious about the impending changes that the new UK offshore operators will have to contend...

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