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Guiness World Record Set For Largest Human Playing Card

Casinos are always looking to garner as much publicity and hype as they can. There is no industry that spends so much millions on publicity campaigns and marketing in order to attract as many punters as possible. Whether it be free giveaways or welcome promotions, casinos are always looking to entertain and enthrall their audiences. The Turning Stone Resort Casino Event Center in New York claimed to have set a Guinness world record with 600 people dressed up in colored ponchos in order to produce the world’s largest human playing card. All the 600 guests either wore a red or white poncho to make up a one of a kind ace of diamonds in which they had to remain in place for five minutes. On hand was a Guinness World Records official in order to verify this...

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Recruitment Firm Need Staff After Workers Win £28 Million In EuroMillions Lotto

Except for a few disturbed people, most of us fantasize about winning the lottery and never going back to the daily grind of our nine to five jobs. For a group of ten workers at a recruitment center in Liverpool this is exactly what happened. The lucky ten were part of a syndicate that won a massive £28 million jackpot in the EuroMillions Lotto. Lottery syndicates at workplaces are popular exactly for this reason as you increase your chances to gamble on a life changing jackpot. For one of the syndicate members this lottery win has a bitter taste. Louise Whitby who is pregnant was a regular contributor to the syndicate for two years with her weekly £2 contribution. However due to morning sickness she missed work and was unable to give her usual £2. When she returned to work after feeling better she was surprised to see her 10 co-workers “missing in action” after the winning numbers were announced. The 31 year-old understandably feels aggrieved to say the least and has already hired a lawyer to get their hands on the share of the jackpot. She was distraught and disappointed with her colleague’s behavior and said,” That money will never buy them happiness. I considered them my friends, but I can never speak to them again. ‘I was away because I’m pregnant with my first child, it doesn’t get worse than that. I don’t think I can face working there ever again.” The thought of missing out on such a jackpot would drive most of us crazy. It will be interesting to see how this story transpires but I would rather have never won than see this fortune disappear before my...

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Lucky 50 Time Ohio Lottery Winner Wins Another $5 Million Jackpot

Many believe that you are either born lucky or not and there is not much you can do to change this. Winning the lottery would certainly be a good sign that someone upstairs is smiling on you but winning over 50 lotto cash prizes over 20 years is truly remarkable. This is exactly what happened to  72-year-old Robert Jenei who has been playing the lotto for 20 years. Scratch cards are an integral part of lotteries wherever you travel in the world. These paper instant win scratchies provide a magical feeling that you can win on the spot life changing jackpots. In fact they are so popular that many purchase scratch tickets as a reflex when shopping for a newspaper of groceries. For  Jenei this habit of purchasing lotto tickets has rewarded him with the ultimate prize. He has won a mind boggling $250,000 yearly for the next 20 years after scratching the winning combination on the Ohio’s Lottery’s $5 million Cash Blowout instant win scratchie. Jenei’s history of winning has netted him as much as $100,000 in total. Jenei is both owner and operator of Jenei Drilling in Strasburg. He could not believe his luck and said,” I am meeting with my accountant and attorney to see the best way to distribute the money. I have three children, Mark, Steven and Monica, and I am 72 years old.” Understandably he was so excited that he was unable to sleep. This lucky guy is well worth having around as a good luck charm as he certainly has the Midas...

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Caesars Entertainment Share Price Rises Due To New Online Venture

Caesars Entertainment has been in the gambling world headlines a lot of late. They are cementing themselves as one of the more dominant forces in the burgeoning online gambling market that is opening up in the U.S. We reported on their much anticipated launch of real money online poker under the WSOP brand which is set for the coming months. There is no doubt that Caesars Entertainment is looking to expand their online gambling division. This was confirmed when they announced that they will be offering a $1.2 billion in stock in a new company venture that will focus on online gaming ventures. This news was received positively by the Markets and their share price rose by around 13% on Wednesday. Caesars Entertainment and Caesars Acquisition intend forming Caesars Growth Partners which will focus on acquiring assets that leverage “interactive technology with well-known brands.” Caesar’s Interactive division managed to generate $207.7 million in revenues last year which came from their many different gaming options that include mobile games and social games. This is a significant increase from the $66.5 million reportedly generated in 2011. With online poker imminent in Nevada it is safe to predict that Caesars will continue to pursue online gambling in other U.S. states the moment it legally becomes possible to do...

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Paddy Power To Offer Real Money Sports Betting On Facebook

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have become the playgrounds for gaming and gambling companies looking to stay in touch with online trends. These social online networks offer the potential to expand gaming companies customer base to a level not thought of a few years ago. While currently the legal situation is still tricky, there are markets like the UK which are more open to allowing online gambling. Since Facebook’s launch of real money gambling back in July last year, the door has opened to other companies who are eager to get social gamers spending real cash on Facebook. The Irish based gambling company Paddy Power has become the latest group to offer real money gambling on Facebook with their real money sports betting launch expected in the next few weeks for users in the UK. At first the beta version will be exclusively available to desktop users in the UK. Paddy Power believe that the new app will add the element of social engagement to online players while offering them the chance to play and bet on a variety of sporting events. Players will also have the ability to engage with other users which increases the enjoyment for online players. All players will have to comply with the age restriction...

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