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Fortune Cookie Helps Massachusetts Man Win $1 Million Lottery Jackpot

Listening to your gut feeling or intuition is something familiar to all gamblers. Whether it be superstition or mojo many punters are all too aware of weird and whacky superstitions that players ranging from poker to lottery have. Whether these habits have any impact on our luck is debatable but many swear by these rituals religiously. Fortune cookies are always fun to open and eat after a meal and for a Massachusetts man this helped him win big. William Johnson got the urge to purchase a lottery scratch ticket after opening a fortune cookie that said, “soon come into a lot of gold” and went on to purchase a lotto ticket the following day. To his amazement he won a fortune changing $1 million prize in the Massachusetts Millionaire Mania instant win scratch game. With his new found fortune he and his wife plan on purchasing a lake house with their win. Johnson opted for a lump sum payment and will receive a cool $650,000 from his impulse...

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FOBTs Continue To Spin Up A Storm

Fixed-odds betting terminals or FOBTs have become highly controversial in the UK. For those who have not heard of them they are virtual roulette machines that you can spin up to three times a minute with over £100 a spin. Anyone doing the math can see that you can literally gamble away thousands of pounds in a matter of minutes which has got many concerned. While having a flutter on your favorite sports team or a scratch card is perfectly understandable as few would argue that it is more than a leisure activity. An article in the Guardian looks at this contentious topic which is prompting many to urge the government to intervene. Critics to gambling have being warning about a change in spending patterns with these FOBTs popping up at all the betting shops. This is a game changer according to opponents of gambling as they are highly addictive and are proliferating at traditional betting shops. Gambling companies like Ladbrokes and William Hill have realized the FOBTs potential to generate quick and large sums of cash and have focused heavily on marketing these cash guzzling machines. Another argument against these high powered machines is the theory that they do not require manpower to run and they could contribute to the loss of 22,000 jobs by 2023 according to Landman Economics. Critics are quick to point out that these FOBTs  could require special attention from local government to ensure that the community remains protected from highly addictive gaming machines that cause damage to the high street that they are in and without giving anything back to the...

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Heidi Fleiss Of Poker Could Expose Hollywood A-Listers

Some of Hollywood’s top A-listers including Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio might soon be starring in roles they did not choose. Molly Bloom is the Heidi Fleiss of high stakes poker games. The 33 year old known as the “Poker Princess” is said to have arranged secret exclusive high stakes poker games for some of Hollywood’s top celebrities. All was going fine until she was arrested in Los Angeles for running an illegal poker ring. Some of the players that reportedly starred were Tobey Maguire, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio just to mention a few. Bloom has reportedly threatened to spill the beans on what goes on behind the scenes of these exclusive poker games where it is not uncommon to have minimum entry stakes of $100,000. For the likes of Matt Damon who played a poker player in Rounders it a case of fiction becoming reality. While the exact details of how these poker games were run is still shrouded in mystery, the rumors have it that Bloom would arrange them to take place at various locations around Hollywood and even at Toby Maguire’s mansion. While this story has everything you could ask for in a steamy novel including all the glitz and glamor, there is also a dark side being investigated by the U.S. government. These include charges of racketeering, extortion, money laundering and even threat of violence against players that racked up debts. In total no less than 34 people were indicted and include professional poker players as well as the son of billionaire art dealer Helly Nahmad. There is no doubt that this titillating story will provide some juicy details that perhaps will be the making of a blockbuster movie in the near...

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Legalized U.S. Online Gambling Threatens Horse Racing Industry

The process of legalizing online gambling in the U.S. is happening at a slow yet steady pace. Ever since the Wire Act of 1961 was revised back in 2011 there has been plenty of activity to introduce legal internet gambling to U.S. players.  The status quo at the moment is that Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have all passed legislation to legalize and enable online gambling in one form or another. While other states have been slow to take the initiative and are waiting to see if or when the Federal government will step in to implement nationwide online gambling policy. The latest legislation is of course that of Rep. Peter King of New York who last month introduced a bill that would allow the federal government to permit online gambling in multiple states. This sort of bill is just one of many that are expected to pop up around the country as U.S. legislators look to regulate what is already a thriving industry. Whether they approve or not the fact of the matter is that online gambling is a reality and people will look for any avenue to engage in this whether it is legal or not. As a result of online gambling largely been prohibited in the U.S. there are some sectors like the horse racing industry that have enjoyed a monopoly in recent years as it still remains largely the only legal form of internet gambling allowed in the U.S. Despite it enjoying this advantage horse racing as a whole has been struggling to maintain its appeal and has been dropping in popularity. Needless to say this has got many in the horse racing business thinking about the possible ramifications if or when online gambling becomes legal. Executive Vice President of the Thoroughbred Racing Association ,Chris Scherf summed up the what many are thinking,” That additional competition is going to have an impact on racing, no question, but it all depends on what types of gambling are legalized.” Scherf also mentioned the inevitable effect that online gambling has created for land casino around the globe and this would certainly apply to an already struggling horse racing market, I don’t see why it would be any different than land-based casinos. They have certainly had a significant impact on racing. And all of this is inevitable.” Horse racing is just one of the gambling sectors that will have to work harder in order to attract and maintain their customer base but as a gambling consumer we are set to enjoy both variety and quality of an ever growing and competitive...

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Bookmakers Cashing In On Overdue Royal Baby

The impending birth of the Royal baby has reached fever pitch. The entire globe has its focus on the Duchess of Cambridge as she is set to give birth any moment. For the bookies and punters alike the exact due date has meant that many have lost loads of cash and others could reap in the rewards of a late birth. The exact due sate is uncertain but it was widely believed to be on July 17 or July 19. Since these dates have past the bookmakers have already cashed in from punters who believed the Royal baby would be born in mid-July. Ladbrokes reported that over 1,142 people have already lost money as their bets expired for the date 18th July. They reportedly have already made £18,000 while rival bookmaker Coral have cashed in £25,000 on bets that have expired. Other major bookmakers like William Hill have earned over £100,000 and have even stopped taking new bets from punters. Spokesman for William Hill Joe Crilly said, “The money would suggest that it will be Monday or Tuesday at the very latest.” While all eyes are focused on St. Mary’s Hospital in London there are even punters betting on a due date in August. Other betting options that people are placing include anything from the baby’s name and even hair color. Whatever the exact date turns out to be, once again the bookies seem to have the upper hand and have received one divine intervention to assist...

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