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Online Scratch Cards For Casino Enthusiasts

Casino based scratchies are proving to be popular as they are attracting audiences which would otherwise not usually play these games. Seasoned gamblers tend to favor online poker, blackjack or roulette as these are seen as high stakes and high rewarding prospects.Let’s face it that most casino players are not interesting in playing for small cash rewards but are looking to play big. This is why when I heard about online scratchcards that payout up to $250,000 while offering casino looking games it got my attention. The softer online gaming market is huge and here games like scratchies seem to be the most popular choice for casual gamblers. What is strange is that so many of us purchase these paper scratchies as part of our shopping list. Which one of us does not spend a few dollars while picking up  groceries at our local convenience store? With internet gambling an established industry, there is a growing number of major platform providers that enable you to sit at home or use your mobile to try your luck. Sites like Scratchgamesare making waves in that there are games like Poker Dice, Casino War, Blackjack and Texas Hold’em Instant-win scratch like games which give you the fell of traditional games but with the advantage of not needing  any prior gambling experience or knowledge. You may ask yourself why have a flutter on these softer games when you can play the real thing? The answer is simple in that these scratch games offer comparative jackpot prizes and are less demanding on players not wanting to invest too much effort in learning the ins and outs of poker or blackjack. With the global economy sometimes appearing to be a giant stock market, the ability to still enjoy a flutter that will not bankrupt you and offer you a chance to change your destiny is a welcome relief for all of us. Many casino patrons are now choosing the easier option of saving their time and cash and playing remotely which is just about the most fun you could have staying at home. Top gaming sites offer some enticing incentives to help you start enjoying the thrill of online gambling. These include free cash and Welcome Bonuses which always are worth having a look at. There is really not much to lose when signing up to sites that literally give away free cash for those wanting to delve into the online gambling...

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One Direction Members Banned From Slot Machines

Being the most popular boy band on the globe did not help members of One Direction from being thrown out of a motor service shop while attempting to play slot machines. Members Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne were barred from playing the slots after failing to provide identification proving they were over 18. What makes this story even funnier is that the famous lads were not recognized by security at the WH Smith motorway service shop. A member of the One direction entourage was even quoted as saying to the woman security guard,” Don’t you know who they are?” The 29 year old security guard Ann Fuller was working her job when the boy band stopped at the service shop on their way to Glasgow. Two of the members Liam and Louis decided to have a flutter on the pokies while other members decided to have a 2am snack. Ann the security guard was totally unaware that all of the band members were of legal betting age and were fully entitled to play the slots. She was quoted as saying,” I’d heard of One Direction but only found out it was them when a colleague later said, ‘somebody’s thrown out the most popular boy band in the world’.” After not having ID readily at hand the two members Liam, 19 and Louis,21 had to return to their bus. One thing is certain in that Ann Fuller will have a great story to tell her kids in a couple of years. How many people can claim to have thrown out members of the world’s most popular boy band without even knowing who they...

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Online Scratch Cards For Lazy And Simple Folk

Online gambling has become a legitimate and popular way to entertain oneself from the safety and convenience of your home or even mobile devices. With everyone concerned about saving a few bucks the age old question of the morality casinos and gambling in general is in the spotlight. Firstly with the modern day online gambling and mobile options many point out how much easier it is to wager a few bucks now days than it was in the days when one had to physically venture out of your home to a brick and mortar casino. For a lot of us the closest we could get to placing a few bucks was from scratch tickets which are still purchased when we pop out to our local outlet or 7/11 store. Another interesting aspect is the fact that many were deterred from patronizing land casinos for fear of not understanding the rules and regulations of classic casino games like roulette. The difficulties that have arisen from these types of problems have largely disappeared as one can see in modern online scratch cards. There are plenty of gambling platform providers like PariPlay who have tapped into the niche market of those looking to gamble remotely while still getting a feel for sitting in a live casino. We mentioned the scratch-tickets as an example of the common mans gambling because they are so prevalent wherever you look. It comes therefore as no surprise that so many of the online versions of scratchies have a casino-based them to them. This clever trick taps into two seemingly different but closely connected worlds. The simplicity of games like scratchcards with that of casino games like roulette is a great way to attract the attention of prospective gamblers. So the next time you come across internet scratch cards you will not be surprised by the casino-themed games that are incorporated into many of them, It seems that so many of us are more than happy to save our cash and time and have a flutter with a click of a mouse or from the palm of our...

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